Babylon Is Falling

The true force for change is within the 'ordinary' people who outnumber people in positions of authority who are only controlling through fear and divide and conquer, and do it covertly. Peacefully say 'No'. Turn outrage into action and do it now, push back the door to freedom slamming behind you, a consequence only brought about by doing nothing. Let's unite and stop suppressing ourselves and each other, spread the word and do what we know to be right. That is more powerful than the fear of the consequences. Consequences will fall away. Holding on to illusory beliefs is as futile as trying to stay standing in a turbulent stream. Allow yourself to go where this is taking you. Always remember that what you fear you create. You can reverse a tide and create a joyful reality. Follow your intuition and know... life is not supposed to be hard; that has been one of the biggest controlling myths for aeons, put out by the same forces that led you to think you need them to make life easier.

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Blood On Our Hands

These children are being killed and maimed and suffering in staggering numbers because  the US and the UK are triggering the wars, arming and funding Isis and rebels (terrorists) called the Free Syria Army and disguising them as ‘people’s revolutions’ -  to get rid of Assad which they would have done by now had the Russians not stepped in. The people responsible for this horror are those who are condemning it.  Roland Dumas, former French Minister for Foreign Affairs, said this on French TV: “I’m going to tell you something.  I was in England two years before the violence in Syria, on other business.  I met with top British officials who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria.  This was in Britain, not in America.  Britain was organising an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me – although I was no longer Minister for Foreign Affairs – if I would like to participate.  Naturally I refused.  This operation goes way back.  It was prepared pre-conceived and planned.  In the region it is important to know that this Syrian regime has a very anti-Israeli stance, consequently everything that moves in the region – and I have this from the former Israeli Prime Minister who told me “We’ll try to get on with our neighbours but those who don’t agree with us will be destroyed." We don't see the children devastated by NATO, US, British, French and who-knows-who-else bombing. It has involved Hilary Clinton when she was Secretary of State - to Obama. We see emotional pictures of those alleged to have been bombed by those which the West wants to demonise, i.e. mostly Russia and Syria. It turns out that the picture of Omran Daqneesh was taken by a man connected to a terrorist group that beheaded a little Palestinian boy. Why were they putting this picture out of the suffering of this little boy when they were connected to a group that has beheaded children?
Image result for little Syrian boy Oman injured

The narrative that goes with it is that Assad and the Russians are responsible.  The line that the leader was responsible for killing his own people was the same line used to justify the invasion of Libya and now this one.  It’s a grotesque exploitation of little children suffering because of what they’ve done,  used to trigger emotions from the public to get them to see the situation in the way they want them to see it. Don’t lose perspective of what is actually going on. The Hidden Hand who are incapable of empathy is manipulating humanity which DOES have those emotions - for its own ends.  There are horrifically charged images put before us, and there are horrific images that we don’t see, horrors that are happening at the hands of the Hidden Hand and the nations I’ve just  listed that is CAUSING these kids to suffer so much.    

The Taliban

Who are the terrorists?  Newsfeeds kept mentioning the word ‘Taliban’.  Perhaps the word “Poppyban” would have sounded less ominous.  The scary word simply means student.   In Arabic: talab ‘alm طالب علم means a student; attilab لطلاب  means students. And the word Al Qaida القاعده means “the base”.  It referred to a data base of CIA trained assets.  The Taliban come from Afghanistan, the world’s top opium producer... where farmers traditionally grew opium alongside their staple crops... yet the country remains one of the poorest in the world. And traditionally, the royalty of Britain have had a lot of dealings in the opium business.  The elites of Britain took Britain into war with China over opium and they have grown opium in China.  And in Afghanistan and India.  One day in the 1990s, students – the Taliban – raised objection to this exploitation of opium because the opium is converted into heroin, and heroin creates addicts worldwide, and it was creating adverse effects.  They told the farmers to stop growing poppies and grow only ordinary food.   By the year 2000 production of the drug plummeted. Heroin seizures in the major drug trafficking centre of Tajikistan declined. Heroin was not easily available anywhere. The Taliban had effectively kyboshed this trade. So, secret agents working for British military intelligence and the CIA dressed themselves up and infiltrated villages all over Afghanistan pretending to be the Taliban.  The distributed weapons and engineered turf wars, and executed many of the Taliban leaders.  Those who weren’t killed were paid off and disappeared.  The world trade centre towers fell in their own footprint, and the world’s media shouted: “It’s the Taliban!  It’s Al-Qaida!” From then on, the names ‘Taliban’ and ‘Al-Qaida’ were bone chilling words used by world leaders to bolster their public persona, protectors you could trust.  It is nothing like we have been told. And from then on every year since the US-led invasion in 2001 the yield increased… $4,662 made from opium per hectare compared to $1,625 from wheat.  Opium is just as important to the elite as crude oil.  When the Russians went in to take over the province of Helmand the biggest opium production area, Tim Osman from the family of Bin Laden were construction contractors -  the Bin Laden family had contracts with the Pentagon to build military bases in the Middle East, the Bin Laden construction company build bases in Iraq.   Tim Osman was a cover name for Osama Bin Laden, a spy.  He and his recruits were funded and trained by London and Pakistan's Secret Intelligence Service and by the CIA.  This information is in the public domain.  All you need to do is type into any search engine "Freedom of Information Act Tim Osman Osama Bin Laden SIS Pakistan" and the documents are there.  Quite a few countries hold copies of the CIA memos - you can go to the Swedish archives, the French and Spanish archives - that's how this information gets into the public domain.  Everything we are seeing with genocide and with MOSSAD, MI6, MI5, is all inter-related into making money for the elite through major industries.

What you must know about Ebola

Everything you know about Ebola, just like AIDS, is a deception. Everything you know about everything is a deception.  Ebola, just like AIDS, is a man-made, vaccine transmitted imposed plague. Ebola is even patented. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has held the patent on it for some time having funded this long before the outbreak even occurred. The patent number is US20120251502A1. Anybody inventing a vaccine carrying the Ebola strain must pay royalties back to the CDC. Just so you know, Mycoplasma Incognitos, the manufactured hybridised agent responsible for Gulf War Syndrome, is also patented.

Lies, lies, and damn lies
A government documentary was aired on the HHS (The US Department of Health and Human Services) Network, titled ‘The History of Bioterrorism’.  It was a 24hr propaganda piece claiming to prepare the public for impending catastrophes, particularly bioterrorist, to provide ‘honest information on the most disturbing scientific history ever recorded that your government officials are not providing’, which was produced BY the government co-produced by the CIA and Department of Homeland Security.  The media uses something called COMMAND AND CONTROL WARFARE (C2W) for those “unconditioned individuals” (quote) who might see that these control systems run contrary to ‘American values’, to condition people to, say, accept new wars, to accept change in ‘American values’. Dr Cono in the documentary said that the UK/USA’s “biological” programme at Fort Detrick in Maryland was a “modest” research and development facility.  I’ve a seafront chalet in Novgorod to sell you. Fort Detrick’s OWN literature describes a “large, sophisticated biological warfare testing centre” (found in Cutting Edge, A History of Fort Detrick, 1943-1993 by Norman M Covert).  Dr Cono said Fort Detrick weaponised “7 germs”.   Fort Detrick employed 300 scientists, occupied1230 acres of federally owned land, maintained 450 structures, and housed 900,000 mice. There were 50,000 guinea pigs, 2500 rabbits, 4,000 monkeys, and there were horses, and cattle and sheep.  There weren’t seven germs, there were thousands. Dr Cono said the Russians were racing ahead in terms of their biological weapons programmes ‘at market speed’.  A dossier from the National Cancer Institute’s National Public Health Service Report, a US-USSR Agreement, says that during the Cold War advanced secrets in US biowarfare were traded to their Russian counterparts by the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.   A comic widely circulated in Russia in the late 80’s that depicts a contractor working for the National Cancer Institute exchanging a test tube of AIDS viruses with an officer from the US army, handing him cash for the bioweapon. 
As fewer people trust mainstream news the media owners adopt replacements to re-package the same propaganda to a less gullible generation while still keeping C2W. The fresh grass roots feel is the well-funded voice of so-called ‘opposition’.  Freelance journalist Ashoka Mukpo, diagnosed and treated by the Doctors without Borders in Monrovia, Liberia, worked for such and covered the Ebola outbreak from Iberia for Al Jazeera.  They are controlled opposition concealing special Arab oil interests.  Mukpo also wrote for the Washington Post (CIA’s mouthpiece) and for NBC News - controlled by Bill Gates.  He was working for them 72 hours before he got sick, and wrote the story: “Why don’t West Africans believe Ebola is real?” MK ULTRA is the overriding umbrella that the CIA, with MI6 and British Secret Service, uses to control all media regarding every major issue, such as Ebola, AIDS, health science, and national threats.  They administer their propaganda on the internet via today’s social networks and infiltration by trolls and counter-intelligence books.  Richard Preston was paid a $20,000 literary grant by the Sloan Foundation to write ‘The Hot Zone’ to scare everybody. Lawrence Rockefeller sat on the Board of Directors when the grant was given to Preston to write it.  Payment was under the term “neurosciences umbrella”, i.e. public management mass persuasion technologies research.  ‘Executive Orders’ written by Tom Clancy (CIA) about an event in which Muslims release these viruses is, like the others, again a C2W technique.

Rough Diamonds
Ebola killed Africans in areas where there are diamond mines.  Beneath the feet of the African people lie massive amounts of wealth in uranium, titanium, gold, silver, platinum, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and oil.  Yet we think Africa is the poorest nation on earth. Queen Elizabeth II’s intelligence services have for decades infiltrated African countries to grab RESOURCES.  Troops invaded Sierra Leone in 2014 where Ebola was the pretext for martial intervention, to get diamond miners off the strike they went on due to poor pay in horrific working conditions and force them back to work. Through history the elites have fostered civil war in Sierra Leone and Angola.  Conflict has kicked off in Mali, Congo and Sierra Leone that the BBC dub ‘civil war’, in another faked ‘war on terrorism’.  We are told the threat is from Islamist militants but it’s to protect diamond mine owners. British mercenary soldiers were posted there to distribute guns to various villages to stir up civil war in areas where Buckingham Palace and diamond traders from London, Amsterdam and Antwerp extract diamonds.  Every African country that has diamonds has a turf war, it’s mostly to displace the indigenous people by placing land mines over discovered diamond areas until the Zionist-British elite move in with their high-security mining facilities.  And the people also die from a mysterious plague.  Diamonds form an important part of the drug trade and are used for money laundering and bribery, because they carry more value than huge suitcases stuffed with cash, they can be slipped inside a pocket without leaving a paper trail.  Millions of dollars can cross borders this way.  Tons of diamonds from The Congo, Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mali are bought up by the world’s richest aristocrats, British aristocracy being the biggest customers.   De Beers and other British-Zionist companies run this diamond business. The last decade has seen half a million people killed and mutilated by child soldiers who were drugged to de-sensitise them, and duped by a fake war on ‘terrorism’. There is not a single diamond that has not caused grievous harm.  It’s been this way since the era of Cecil Rhodes, a man so rich from diamonds that he named a country after himself: “Rhodesia”.  To see this thing's evolution let's look at a brief history of  time.

Mallet of the Witches


The Malleus Maleficarum was the Mallet of the Witches, a reign of terror lasting five centuries under the Inquisition that burned and tortured millions of innocent people for silly reasons. The authorities declared it heresy if one did not consider ‘witches’ dangerous, and the dignitaries of this imposed religion were above the law.  In their 80% of exterminated ‘witches’ they sought to eliminate the feminine principle, because women in the communities took care of health. They passed down traditions through the generations.  This empowered the people and threatened the power of the authorities.  And this was Europe in the Middle Age.

An Inflexible Report
The 1910's
The 1910 Flexner Report was a reign of terror in the medical world, at a time when twice as many practitioners practiced alternative medicine and half as many practiced allopathic. The Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations funded a report.  It was in the name of science and quality of medicine practice.  Of course.  It went to Congress.  OUT went all alternative medicine and only vaccines and drugs were funded.  One could choose from three forms of mutilation: surgery (amputation), radiotherapy (burning) and chemotherapy (poisoning).  Cut-burn-and-poison-the-stump. And drugs. Schools had to take this new imposed scientific orientation or be shut.  You weren’t accused of being a witch anymore or burned for heresy, you were accused of being a charlatan instead and hounded to the letter of the law, in the interests of ‘public health’. And this was North America and Canada a century ago.

Eugenics and the Genome
The Rockefellers monopolised the drug/chemical industries with I G Farben and created the cancer industry.  Prescott Bush, William Draper III, the British Royal family, the Carnegies Vanderbilts and Rockefellers inspired the eugenics movement. Rockefellers built the Keiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics in Germany in 1928.  They mapped races, they wanted the gene sequence to determine disease predispositions in certain races  It gave rise to racist laws and Hitler's racial hygienists like Ernst Rudin.  They mostly worked in Cold Springs Harbour, New York; Yale, where the principal virology department is, and the University of Chicago.  Medical torture included gauging eyes without anaesthetic to analyse genes in eye colour, and more.  Body parts were delivered to Mengele, Verschuer and other contingents at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Eugenics got a bad name and they had to call it something else.  It became The Human Genome Project and continued at Cold Springs Harbour. 

The Bloody Red Cross and Paperclip Doctors
During WW2 the Rockefeller-created Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, performed some of the first experiments applying chemical warfare to “treat cancer”, which evolved into chemotherapy, a derivative of mustard gas. President Roosevelt appointed George W Merck, from Merck Pharmaceuticals to be America’s biological weapons director. Merck received a major share of the Nazi war chest.  Dr Henry Kissinger, according to “Kissinger: The Biography”, by Walter Isaacson, served the CIA.  He didn’t train his assets to bring Nazis to the Nuremburg trials, but to bring them to America to serve US industry and military intelligence. They were snuck out through the railroad that went underground from Germany to Rome just before the war’s end, with half of the $300 million that was funnelled through the Paris branch of the Chase Manhatten Bank, a Rockefeller bank that funded Hitler and remained open throughout the occupation of France.  That’s where the Nazi gold went. Among them were the likes of Josef Mengele the Angel of Death, Klaus Barbie the Butcher of Lyon… and Eric Traub, Hitler’s top biological weapons developer. Initially, the ARC was founded by humanitarian Clara Barton but John D Rockefeller pirated it soon after. Lawrence Rockefeller put together the New York City Blood Council, which controls the ARC largely, and which sullied its humanitarian efforts in later years to deliver contaminated blood and be involved in cancer profiteering. For towards the end of the century millions were to contract new diseases from blood from their blood bank, and around 10,000 were to die throughout the world. And their Red Cross provided false ID to the Nazis.  They helped them to escape. Kissinger’s secret Nazi exfiltration was carried out under the codename of Project Paperclip.  Paperclip doctors worked for the US Navy.  One was Erich Traub, Hitler’s top biological weapons developer and world class cancer virologist.  Traub continued his experiments for many years during the Cold War. 

Virulent Fort Detrick - 1950's
Traub was put to work for the US Naval Medical Research Institute Laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland, that affiliated with the University of California at Berkley and Irvine, investigating 40 strains of infectious viruses. The first polio vaccines were produced in contaminated Simian monkey kidney tissues that contained a cancer virus that was created out of Fort Detrick, Maryland.  The virus was determined to cause cancer in everything it was injected into, and it was tested on millions of people worldwide… and the cancer industry got a leg up. In this decade Henry Kissinger’s Harvard PhD thesis articulated “The Meaning of History”.  It emphasised the need for small ongoing wars around the planet on a continuing basis to maintain the superpowers’ economic status so that over half a century later like today we’d have the  war on cancer, on AIDS (biological), on drugs (CIA involvement), and on crime (socio-political), on terrorism, on immigration (psychological)… etc.  In 1955 Nelson Rockefeller made Kissinger the Directive for the Council on Foreign Relations.  N Rockefeller was Kissinger’s mentor, and Kissinger was his protégé, assuring Kissinger a position of power for years to come. The WHO had a viral research network going since the late 50’s.  By 1959 it warned of the dangers of using vaccines derived from monkeys.

Retro-Virology - 1960's

Simian Virus 40 was found in cell cultures of the African green monkey.  And to boot, it was learned it had been in most of the polio vaccines manufactured from living viruses before this date.   They went ahead vaccinating with them in 1961.  While the plot to assassinate Kennedy was hatching in 1963, a think-tank met at Iron Mountain near Hudson, New York to discuss global policy: “sustainability in a world without war”.  From that came the Report from Iron Mountain.  The report considered “keeping growing populations manageable”, and “keeping large corporations in business”. A “comprehensive programme of applied eugenics” was recommended. They considered they needed war to control burgeoning populations and maintain economies, but another kind of war, essential “for systems we know today”.  Quote:  “A viable political substitute for war must posit a generalised EXTERNAL MENACE to each society of a nature and degree sufficient to require the organisation and acceptance of political authority”. Quote: ‘”a comprehensive social welfare programme”, “an omnipresent, virtually omnipotent, international police force”.  Tidier yet lucrative options would replace messy wars.  It was the directive of the Revolution in Military Affairs that came out the American War College.  Future warfare wouldn’t take the military form (nuclear, chemical and crude germ weaponry like Anthrax), it would be more sophisticated, insidious - biological and psychological warfare, AIDS, cancers, so-called ‘non-lethal’ weaponry like electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) weapons, GMOs (bioterrorism to the ecology and human genetic destruction), and fictitious enemies like terrorism, climate change, and bogeymen like Bin Laden, Al Qaida, Isis (psychological).  New biotechnology would advance germ mutation and genetic recombining.  Weapons of mass destruction would be immunological attackers using manufactured cancer viruses.  Kissinger became the world’s nuclear weapons guru and National Security Advisor under Nixon and the most powerful man in American intelligence, overseeing the FBI, CIA, and Foreign Policy.  He connected to the drug/vaccines industry via the Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Kissinger Associates being the leading marketing and management agency for Merck.  Kissinger wanted alternatives to nuclear weapons, which don’t damage expensive infrastructure.  He ordered a reassessment of America’s weapons capabilities from US Navy Admiral Zumbalt from whom he learned about microorganisms such as AIDS/Ebola-like viruses.  Bioweapons were profitable and could even target certain ethnic groups. Kissinger selected that option.  The contract went to a company called Litton Bionetics, a medical subsidiary of Litton Industries and the Army’s 6th top biological weapons contractor  Nixon lied to the people about destroying stockpiles of biological weapons and suspending their further manufacture. Nature reported: “The announced transition of Fort Detrick from a bioweapons testing facility to a solely defensive NIH-run health research lab had not occurred”. The stockpiled weapons remained intact in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Nixon declared a “War on Cancer”.  After scientists realized some polio vaccines were going to produce cancer epidemics, cartel officials in the NCI secretly funded s Special Virus Cancer Programme. 
And so1962 to1972 became the heyday for animal cancer vaccine studies using cancer research to study whether retro-viruses viruses would cause human cancer, as they certainly caused it in animals.  A congressional record in 1969 showed that the Department of Defence appropriated $10 million for a 5-year study to develop immune system ravaging microorganisms for germ warfare through the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council (NASRC).  The NASRC informed the DoD not only that they could, but WOULD, produce “a new infective microorganism different in certain important aspects from any known disease causing microorganism”. And that it would be, quote: “re-fracturing” meaning a “supergerm” (quoted) that could wipe out the human immune system that defends against opportunistic infections - TB, pneumonia, candidiasis, and cancers.  This was when Litton Biometics operated the entire administration of the NCI’s programmes at Fort Detrick, Maryland, which was America’s biological weapons capital and the place Nixon said he´d make the new home for the NCI.   And there the CIA and the US Army launched the programme, appointing Litton Bionetics.  Litton spent most of their time focusing on the lymphoma-sarcoma-leukaemia cancer complex, which never existed on earth in human beings before the first cases of AIDS a decade later.  AIDS was first conceived when Dr Saul Krugman from the New York University Medical Centre set up a study in 1965 on the Herpes B virus to ‘fight liver cancer’. Their challenge was finding volunteers willing to be injected with Hepatitis B.  They used mentally retarded children at the Willowbrook State School at Staten Island, New York. And many of them were to die.   Ebola didn’t evolve in nature from the fruit bat to the human as officials falsely claim.  It is a genetically modified organism like AIDS.  It came from a petri dish, not from the world.  Ebola’s progenitors are the Marburg virus, named after the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany where it first broke out, and the Rhabdo virus simian, mutated in biomedical labs by Litton Bionetics.  They were mixing never-before seen immune system destroying viruses to produce a quick-killing haemorrhagic virus and shipped 500 contaminated monkeys from their labs in 1967 to three vaccine manufacturers in Europe.  That’s how Marburg (Ebola’s mother) broke out, when the Rhaabdo virus struck those three labs in three cities simultaneously – Belgrave (Yugoslavia), Frankfurt (Germany), and Marburg (Germany).  Dr Robert Gallo was the overseer to the experiments and the company.  He was the doctor who allegedly co-discovered AIDS and is known for stealing things, like Luc Montagnier’s virus which he cloned and called his.  Gallo was on the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and chaired the Department of Cell Tumour Biology. He said AIDS came from a bite from an African green monkey.  The African green monkey figures but not because it bit a man, but because of what Gallo’s company did with it in their labs, where they held contaminated monkeys, yes… along with cat leukaemia viruses, human lymphoma viruses, sarcoma viruses, encephalitis agents, genital herpes, Hodgkinson’s disease, influenza, infectious mononucleosis, the prion for mad cow disease, breast tumour, meningitis, chicken cancer viruses, and the monkey viruses, all of them benign to humans… but NOT if recombined with DNA, RNA and enzymes from other animal viruses.  And they recombined them with every animal cancer virus going.  A favourite was chicken leukaemia sarcoma RNA, but the foremost one was feline leukaemia RNA, the real cause of cat leukaemia, an AIDS-like infection from the hybridised mouse sarcoma-leukaemia virus. All these created leukaemia, lymphomas and sarcomas when added to the viruses.  They took a mouse sarcoma virus and recombined it with a mouse leukaemia virus to make a hybrid and inoculated it into healthy cats.  That made the jump of species from mouse to cat.  When they got to the human stage, it still couldn´t cross over to infect the human.  They made the mutant jump species by culturing it in foetal and white blood cells from the human so it would adapt. And they did all this almost 15 years before Gallo got the credit for ‘discovering AIDS’. They knew it caused cancers, wasting and death, effects identical to what AIDS sufferers go through, and they wrote about it in their reports.  When these reports were read, most of the world’s leading virologists and epidemiologists shook their heads.  Many of them said: “I can’t believe they did this”. Several of them said: “This is extremely risky to humanity”.  Consider a loving Creator that wishes humanity love for one another, and consider a Frankenstein retrovirus that wishes humanity terror and mistrust, and the outcast unable to touch another human being, walled off from society. It is the “pest ban which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow-men” in Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death.  How can you know who you are, when your own immune system knows self from non-self no longer, and destroys itself?  Every germ from every terrestrial creature belongs to a family.  It has roots, a trunk and branches...  not so this retro-virus, it’s like a branch hanging off into thin air as though it ‘emerged.’   
 Nature created life to operate on the same miraculous blueprint of life called DNA.  DNA replicates healthy cells. DNA dictates the code to the RNA to make amino acids that assemble protein in the cell’s ribosome, that build you, that make you.  DNA goes to RNA.  That’s how nature works.  Babylonian scientists have distorted the gene pools of living things and fouled up the readymade perfection in Nature. Because the enzyme which Gallo and his colleagues worked with at Litton was abnormal: it was RNA Dependant DNA Polymerase of Human Acute Leukaemia Cells (reverse transcriptase).  It’s an enzyme that literally calls for life to… operate in reverse.   Because of the presence of this reverse transcriptase, RNA translates into DNA.  You get a new DNA strand. The exterior of the virus develops a scissors-like enzyme, an endonuclease that cuts open the T cells of human DNA and inserts itself in. The cell reads the new wrong code and calls for the production of more viruses instead of healthy cell parts. Researchers led by Dr. Paul Bieniasz of Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre at New York's Rockefeller University published their study in Nature Medicine, saying that HIV and Ebola use the same mechanism to spread in the body, a Tsg101 protein that buds from the cells they hijack, which become virus factories making new parts    That why people and animals with acquired immune deficiency display features of AIDS with sarcomas, progressive wasting and death.  RNA to DNA transcription is anti-life.  It gave rise also to Ebola with its characteristics of bleeding out and a zombie-like state. This is what the genetic engineers have done.

First, do no harm - the 70's

Dr Maurice Hilleman, head of Merck, was put in charge of the project to develop the Hepatitis B vaccine which Dr Krugman had handed over to him around the 1970 mark.  Hilleman wanted 200,000 human doses of vaccine containing 4 different sub-types in different regions of the world by 1974.  For that he needed to grow HUGE amounts of Hepatitis B viruses. The required amounts just would not grow in children or cell cultures, but proliferated in chimps and monkeys. The Simian immunodeficiency virus in the chimpanzee is the closest thing to the human AIDS virus.  So between 1972-1974 Gallo and Litton Bionetics supplied Hilleman and Merck Sharp and Dohme with all the chimps and monkeys he required to grow his viruses, plus live monkey cells, cultures and viruses and everything having to do with cancer research, biological weapons development, and vaccine research and development. Hilleman and Merck inoculated Hepatitis B into the supplied contaminated primates, extracted out the live Hepatitis B viruses - which pulls out all other live viral contaminants with it.  And the mish-mash was inoculated into children, gay men in New York and blacks in Central Africa.  Some died.  The survivors produced antibodies. Their blood was taken to produce the final vaccine. Merck Sharp and Dohme separated the sera from the whole cell fractions and made their 200,000 doses of experimental Hepatitis B vaccine of four viral sub-types from this sera. 
 It was inoculated once again into the children, into the gay New Yorkers via the CDC at the NY Blood Centre, and into the black Africans in a smallpox campaign. In 1975 the Rockefeller-funded Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Centre stumbled upon different types of virus-bacteria in the blood of all its patients and they burned the lab results.  Dr Gerald Myers, chief molecular geneticist at the US top laboratory in Los Alamos, had a thesis explaining how it could happen that by 1975, several different SUB-TYPES emerged, the FIRST and ONLY subtypes, documented in 1976.  Which was when the Willowbrook School shut down. Those children were the first AIDS cases. They closed the whole school all but for one building, which still operates to this day doing genetic viral and microbiological research. The Hepatitis B vaccines were administered in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Houston, and Chicago, the 6 cities with the highest incidences of AIDS that show on graphs.  This 1974 NCI Monograph shows AIDS emerged on two far removed continents at the same time. New York and Uganda are marked with a square.   The squares represent areas of liver cancer virus research. 
The diamond, marking prostate cancer research, appears in Uganda.  A star representing Herpes-type viruses appears over North West Uganda, where Litton held their laboratory branch in association with the International Association for Research in Cancer (IARC).  Another star is in South East Uganda where Litton held monkey colonies.  The same stars in Bethesda, Maryland, where Litton’s other biological lab was.  ‘Co-incidental’ with the outbreak of AIDS in 1978 was ‘chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome’.  Scientific research now shows that the Herpes viral genera Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein Barr and Herpes B are linked to ‘chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome’. Hepatitis B, Cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr - showing on the map - were among the viral contaminants in the monkeys from Litton’s Research labs. Since those vaccinations the cancer rate sky-rocketed, particularly lymphoma, prostate, breast and melanoma. The rise correlates with the time when Litton messed around in their labs with the lymphoma viruses of Central Africans.  And all the while Kissinger was being a very powerful presence in the White House, Roy Ash, the President of Litton Industries, was there right down the hall from him.  Roy was the man whom Nixon would have chosen for Kissinger’s alternative, but he made him the director of America’s business world.  In 1974: a crucial year for Litton’s activities, Memorandum 200, a National Security paper signed that Kissinger requested and signed, called for massive depopulation in the third world.  The memo shows that a campaign for eugenics and depopulation was well under way by the early 1970s, consistent with the Report from Iron Mountain.  The memo reads:  There is a major risk of severe damage to world economic, political, and ecological systems and, as these systems begin to fail, to our humanitarian values”. “The urban slum dwellers (though apparently not recent migrants), may serve as a volatile, violent force which threatens political stability”.  “In international relations, population factors are crucial in, and often determinants of, violent conflicts in developing areas.”  There is no single approach which will solve the population problem.  The complex social and economic factors involved call for a comprehensive strategy”.   At the same time, actions and programs must be tailored to specific countries and groups”.   And in 1977 the Declaration of Alma Rita gave the WHO the means to extend the Flexner Report from being just in North America to the entire world.  Control of health was transferred from national governments to the non-elected world government that is the WHO. The WHO establishes international rules for medicine practice. Vaccinations and drugs are imposed on people.  In the name of our ‘well-being’, with our consent to ‘protect us from corruption’, the same inquisitors behind the Flexner Report controlling the WHO, make the laws and go after opponents in a regime of medical terror, that has become world monopoly by 1977.

Don’t die of ignorance - 1980's
We had a massively publicised AIDS campaign about this dead disease that came out of nowhere overnight. But one documentary that was never widely publicised was the Strecker Memorandum of 1986 presented by pathologist Dr Robert B Strecker PhD who’d practised Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in Los Angeles, who published peer reviewed work about AIDS’s origin.  Yet another doctor to find this virus non-existent before 1975.  But he went so far as to find there were NO genetic markers in the AIDS virus typical of the primate.  Strecker with his brother and attorney unearthed thousands of documents evidencing HIV to be a mix of man-made bovine and sheep viruses, introduced into the human populous for mass experimentation, via medical injection programmes..

Monkey Business - 1990's
In Liberia monkeys apes and chimps are everywhere, they’re supposed to be the reason the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research went there cutting canals through a large island to make free islets.   The Liberian government permitted this, plus the use of an old institute for biomedical research, but didn’t pay for it.   It was funded by research commissions to produce Hepatitis B jabs for supposed liver cancer from the Rockefeller-run New York Blood Centre, which still finances Monkey Island and pays the salaries of nearly 60 employees.  Dr David Baltimore, president of Rockefeller University from 1990-1991, said that the AIDS and Ebola viruses were evaluated as biological weapons.  A textbook titled ‘Biological and Toxic Weaponry’ published by Oxford University Press states Baltimore as saying: “unlike the Ebola virus which was an ideal biological weapon, the AIDS virus was not a very good biological weapon”.  Baltimore and his study team report it was “a good population controlling agent but it was an excellent psychological warfare tool”. In 1991 the Rockefeller Foundation joined with UNICEF, the WHO, and the World Bank forming the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI).

What researchers did in the past if there was anything they wanted to know before the internet, was go to the Harvard Public Library.  Everything was there, and as it even held congressional reports, Dr Leonard G Horowitz, D.M.D. M.A. M.P.H., public health advisor, ex-dentist, and whistle blower, went to explore the libraries of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He wanted to track down the origins of these viruses.  He found the articles published between 1967-1974 by Gallo and his colleagues.  In the medical library was the Tropical Diseases Bulletin, October 1977 issue. Three papers described the “isolation and characterisation” of Marburg virus specimens and their dispatch to Antwerp, Belgium (close to where Gallo presented his research before NATO), then on to Porton Down (the biowarfare lab in England) and Atlanta (where the CDC is). He found Marburg Virus written by Rudolph Siegert, an affiliate from the Philipps University in Marburg and Marburg virus expert, in which he said no new diseases had been observed in Europe for many decades… and traced the pathogens to certain shipments of monkeys, Cercopithecus aethiops, from Uganda. Four shipments arrived in Europe between 20th July and 10th August 1967 with 500-600 animals, 10% going to Frankfurt. Also Ugandan monkeys from the same dealer were shipped to Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Japan and the USA simultaneously.  Siegert wrote that these viruses did not live naturally in monkeys, and that international studies failed to show the high presence of the virus that has so been alleged in monkey blood samples. Scientists were led astray by the CDC who produced falsely positive test results. They manipulated a bogus “United States Antigen” virus from Uganda, that was related to Marburg but less deadly and which was circulating in Uganda at the same time when the deadlier virus infected the monkeys destined for Europe. The CDC sabotaged international efforts to locate the source of the outbreak.  More findings by Siegert have confirmed his opinion that it wasn’t entirely fitting to say the Marburg virus was a simian virus; but it was similar to the Rhabdoviridae which belongs to rhabdovirus simiae, a rabies virus known to cause Ebola-like haemorrhagic fever in the monkey.  The genetic material was RNA.  He said the germs could have evolved from plant viruses due to their large size and it turns out that plant viruses were the first things NCI researchers and Gallo’s team studied. OTRAG’s base is in Zaire, or the Congo.  OTRAG is the West German rocket company, Orbital Transport und Raketen A.G.  A few blocks down from Harvard Library Horowitz retrieved a five-volume set of documents and texts titled Virology written by the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, published by USDHEW, 1979, explaining how in the late 1960s researchers proposed that foreign DNA transmitted to plants and animals by viruses caused them to evolve and retroviruses were important in this regard.  Therein he found the contracts for the Special Virus Cancer Programme (SVCP), documenting what the cancer industry and the National Cancer Institute did.  You couldn’t find that document through a normal authored title search. He found it in the basement of the Walter Royal Davis Library, in the government documents’ section that he wasn’t even supposed to be in.  He re-printed the records, Litton’s own Contract Summary Report listing the menu of viral hybrids they had in their labs which included acute sarcoma and lymphocytic leukaemia combined with influenza viruses. That’s aerosolised leukaemia spread by sneezing and spitting! An aerosolised Ebola virus exists as a lethal experimental infection of Rhesus monkeys according to an internal Journal of Experimental Pathology in the NIH The Litton researchers themselves said they had a major biohazard and containment problem.  They themselves said how viruses jumped from cage to cage in their monkey colonies, of which 70% were contaminated, again, by their own admission.   Their own Contract was headed “Bionetics Research Laboratories, Inc. (NIH-71-2025)”: sub-titled “Investigations of Viral Carinogenesis in Primates”. That means cancer production through viral infection in monkeys and humans. The contract mentions “evaluation of long-term oncogenic viral inocula in primates of various species especially newborn” and “maintenance of monkey breeding colonies for inoculation, care and monitoring”, and “studies of transfer RNA under conditions of neoplastic transformation”, “studies on the significance of RNA dependent DNA polymerase leukemic tissues”. That means cancer with a special AIDS enzyme.  The record shows that these were requested by Henry Kissinger and the CIA in 1969. Horowitz matched the articles up with the timing of the appropriation of the $10 million around 1969, with a sudden peak in experiments around 1971 when Gallo’s laboratorial output more than doubled. Horowitz wrote the best-seller “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and EBOLA” and, in 1997, took all his evidence on Gallo to an international press conference in Vancouver - and cornered him publicly about his monkey experiments. Here’s the exchange:,_Robert;_video:_Robert_Gallo,_the_Man_That_Created_AIDS.flv.  Dr Horowitz retained the whole of a taped interview of Dr Hilleman, head of Merck Sharp and Dohme, of 1966.  A chunk of it was cut from public disclosure. Out of Hilleman’s own mouth is admission of a problem with “these damn monkeys”:  "I brought the AIDS virus into North America in contaminated African greens although I didn't know it at the time." There is laughter in the background. Hilleman stated that the vaccines that Merck was producing at that time were hideously contaminated and unfortunately still are today. He said the yellow fever vaccine produced in these animals was full of leukaemia viruses, and the oral polio vaccine was hideously contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV40) and other cancer viruses. Hilleman said on this tape that they had just inoculated the contaminated polio vaccine containing the cancer viruses into well over 100 million people around the world, mostly in Russia. Hilleman himself admitted in this interview that these vaccines, produced in contaminated chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys and other monkeys, have brought on these current and coming plagues, and he joked: “We would win the Olympics because the Russians would all be loaded down with tumours”. And President Clinton gave the Gold Medal of Honour Award for service to American medicine and military to this man, who kindly made us vaccines that give AIDS, and who said he thought that vaccines have to be considered “bargain basement technology”. In 1999 it was reported on CNN that around 500,000 Chinese people were infected with HIV through contaminated blood. Millions contracted Hepatitis B, C and Herpes (cancer) viruses from blood from the New York City Blood Bank. Around 10,000 haemophiliacs died throughout the US and the world. They knowingly let bad blood be shipped internationally, and they pay for Monkey Island. 
The Noughties  
In 2007 Tulane University were under contract with the WHO and received a $3.8 million grant from the National Institute of Health.  It was to do viral haemorrhagic fever research in Kenema, Sierra Leone, the very epicentre of this latest Ebola outbreak - Tulane University have been experimenting and developing diagnostic kits for Ebola some years beforehand.  This is the very hospital the locals would hurl rocks at seven years later in 2014. But first let’s cast our mind back to 2009,  not too distant in the past to recall the swine flu pandemic we kept hearing of.  There were H1N1 trials on children and pregnant women, all bogus and done BEFOREHAND, co-invested in by Rockefeller Citibank and Rupert Murdock, the media mogul heavily invested in the Merck drug giant.  Murdock’s son directs GlaxoSmithKline Beecham. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, a former naval officer with the US National Security Agency, said that a top scientist for the UN examined AIDS victims and the Ebola outbreak in Africa, and concluded that the H1N1 swine flu strain possessed certain “vectors”, that it was a genetically manufactured, military biological weapon to dismantle the immune system. The goal (which never manifested) was compulsory vaccination against a manufactured ‘pandemic’, eventually eradicating many people through immune system destruction and other means. But the even the British government accepted that swine flu vaccines caused narcolepsy in children -  and nothing ever really came of the ‘pandemic’ and likewise nothing may come of this Ebola scare. Thanks to a fabulous internet campaign over many months in 2009 exposing the perils of the swine flu vaccine, the scam was kyboshed.  Only a fraction of the predicted numbers got vaccinated.    The mob are just having another go with something else and we must keep standing firm.

Don't the locals seem mistrustful? The 2010's

 At the 2010 Ted Conference in California, Bill Gates talked about ecosystem collapses and getting the earth’s C02 down to zero… how it’s going to be based on the “number of people”.  He presented a photo of a population and said “one of these numbers has to get to zero, first we’ve got population”…and said: “If we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%”.  He is admitting vaccines will be used to lower the population by 10 or 15%. Think-tank groups at Bilderberg meetings have said this for years. Please research Agenda 21. In 2014 Ebola was declared in West Africa and chaos and riots erupted on the streets.  Police had to use tear gas on the rioters. Reports in Los Angeles Times and Fox News say eight aid workers were murdered and dumped into a latrine in Guinea More reports about assaults on medical workers and health officials in other villages and towns - reported: “Ebola centre in Sierra Leone on guard after protest march”.    Civilians in Sierra Leone really went to town.  They smashed a building, taking rocks to it, blaming it for making them ill.  That building was the research facility in Kenema where Tulane University began their Ebola research seven years earlier.  Nature reports the hospital struggled to continue its research; the riots caused it to shut down  Locals became wary of the Red Cross, believing they were spreading Ebola.  Only those who received treatment and injections from the Red Cross fell sick. Liberians and Nigerians began kicking the Red Cross out of their countries.  Whatever they saw they reported in the News. News articles appeared, it came to light there were lies and manipulation from the US government, and more and more Africans refused to go to the Red Cross. Communities reportedly chased vaccine peddlers out after ten children died from a vaccine.  Propaganda descended repetitively on every corner of West Africa, because no-one believed Ebola was real.  No-one trusted their aid workers. The Liberian media published these articles -  The state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)  published this on what Hong Sun Gwang, vice president of North Korea's State Sanitary Inspection Board, had asserted about the US being behind the spread of Ebola - Videos appeared with what seem like crisis actors, some being paid, truthers analysed them and posted their observations.  ‘Dying at the Hospital Door’, A worker is not wearing a hazmat suit works near an Ebola victim A Guinea woman alleged to have died bleeding from her orifices in NYC, tested and declared Ebola-free It came to light that the DoD were listed as a funder and collaborator in a "First in Human" Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715) that began in January of 2014, before the epidemic was  declared. America, Canada, France and Britain are all implicated in these tests. The WHO and several other UN agencies are implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing and promotion of vaccinations. On 2nd August 2014 an article “West Africa: What are U.S. Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?” by Jon Rappoport of Global Research, pinpointed a problem facing African governments. It referred to Fort Detrick as the "the Ebola Building" and “a lot of problems with strange illnesses in Frederick, Maryland” A plane was downed that year, Malaysian flight MH17. Aboard was Glen Thomas, director of co-ordinations for the WHO and leading expert in AIDS and Ebola research.  He was off to a conference in Australia.  Rumour has it he knew  Kenema hospital developed Ebola bioweapons below the guise of ‘precautionary tests’ and administered Ebola to civilians, and wouldn’t go along with the cover-up.  His co-workers know Thomas was killed.  The year ends with Ebola finding its way in a mention on The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast.

Present Day
Much has been reported on the net about green programming that seems to be associating a toxic green colour with everything to do with and promoting Ebola and its campaigns with green T Shirts.  On this table setting appear shades of green but no beverage comes in that hue except Menthe liquor and only a champagne bottle appears on the table - The Green Agenda and the carbon footprint is Agenda 21.  The wife of the Governor of Ogun State in Nigeria, Mrs. Olufunso Amosun, wears green while is explaining the idea behind ‘going green’ as a way of teaching children and youths to be responsible for their environment.  This is programming for Agenda 21. The Children’s culture, has a comic The Green Lantern.  Ontario to become the first government in Canada to issue green bonds.  This is conservation Agenda 21. There is the Bond Calculator,  London’s red phone boxes go green. Agenda 21.  Numerous celebrities sported Global Green when they showed up at the Gallow Green. Emerald green is the colour of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. Lupita Nyong’o wears a green Prada ensemble at Emerald City. Emerald City is the biggest symbol for Monarch programming, MK Ultra.  There is the Green Conservative Movement and the Global Green of the Green Cross, the planet and the leaf, and The Green Cross Man.  Green is omnipresent and Agenda 21 has never-ending logos. There is greenery all around and Ebola vaccine antibodies are made in tobacco plants. But where is the pandemic?  Might it be in the shot? People who took the Hepatitis B vaccine have presented with modern complaints - MS, ALS, asthma, hay fever, allergies, eczema, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, and most auto-immune diabetes cases.  Today’s live viral vaccines still carry Simian monkey virus contaminants, being developed in monkey cells.   They have the Simian foamy retro-virus, a spumavirus.  They contain the enzyme reverse transcriptase and all the Herpes-type viruses - EBV (Epstein-Barr virus), (CMV) Cytomegalovirus.  Not forgetting mycoplasma, a cross between a bacterium and a virus related to Gulf War Syndrome.  Some of those never went to the Gulf zone got these symptoms, also virtually identical to symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS).  Dr. Garth L. Nicolson has found mycoplasma incognitos among 55% of veterans, a 30% of them held an AIDS envelope virus gene attached to it - WHICH WEAPONISED IT.  Mycoplasma Incognitos is unique because it enters the cell nucleus making it difficult to discover and treat.  That could only be the product of a laboratory.  Monsanto, already having genetically modified food crops, are involved with developing an Ebola vaccine, partnered with the Department of Defence (DoD) and a little known company called Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation, who develop RNA Interference therapeutics (RNAIs), and signed a $140-million contract with the DoD to advance an Ebola RNAi therapeutic.  Researchers are using nanotechnology and gene therapy in drugs. Tekmira will provide these lipid formulations for Monsanto.  Avoid being shot, even if mandatory.