Babylon Is Falling

You are a multi-dimensional entity. The most powerful state to be in to transform your life and get what you want is intent. Not just words but feeling it. For instance “I want to become….”, “I want to use that to make the world a nicer more compassionate place”… put out your intent and mean it. That intent is going to lock on to information fields of a matching frequency through a process of vibrational magnetism, in the forms of people, places, jobs, experiences and circumstances and draw them towards you. Many people fall into fear and panic. They went against the grain and suddenly their lives are falling apart. You can’t change and have things remain the same. If you speak your truth and you lose your job because of it, it seems like a disaster at first. There is upheaval. The old life has to crumble away because you are no longer on the frequency field you were on before. The old frequency has run its course. If you’ll just hang in there in that space, the process of pulling other things towards you starts to happen. Your new intent is syncing to a different vibrational construct and other things come in that need to be put into place to manifest the change. And then something else comes along. Your heart knows it will be for your higher good, health wise or financially.

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5G: Greatest Gift disguised as Worst Nightmare

Image result for a diamond in the mudThe older people born in the Forties have a unique remembrance of a time before, when they thought they had beaten the fascists and their parents were a generation of heroes recalling photos in military uniforms. They prevailed, and everything is fine... not. The evil they thought they beat didn’t disappear and that war never ended. Twenty thousand of the highest ranks in the SS disappeared along with scientists, and they knew not where.  Scientists came over on Project Paperclip and began to formulate a structure…it didn’t go away.  In 1976, some insider put the information out that they were going to develop a sionics weapons system that would be put all over disguised as communications in order to electro-magnetically control the people, and, if they wanted, they could destroy a group of people or an individual with this technology.  It was 1976, and nobody would listen to the people warning of this.  They said ever since you put Wi-Fi out bees and insects have been dying.  If you kill the insect community you will kill all life.  Nobody would listen to them.  All of a sudden, people are being alerted to 5G. Because they can’t prove that it’s safe - it’s a weapons system doing what it was designed to do: kill.   Nothing new, it has gone on for decades and decades.  All we have to do is stand up, walk outside our door and say there’s something very wrong here, but we can fix it.  For our children and our children’s children. By coming together in groups in a neighbourhood everywhere. This is not a big problem, they’re going to make you think it is.  We can do it as long as we stand up and do it together.   When they couldn’t coax us into the cities they burnt half of California so that people have nowhere to live and flock to the cities.  This is Agenda 21.  It failed.  Because of the good people out there who got the message and tell it

Smart motorways are a death trap

The word “smart” is an old English word that means pain or hurt. When you were whipped it would smart. It was said you “out-smarted” the pain by being quick-witted, then the word “smart” became clever.  But in truth, smart means pain in old English. Smart meters and phones have been causing a lot of people pain and health problems. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Secret Militarized Armament in Residential Technology, sold to us as ‘specific measurable attainable relevant time-based’. Hidden in plain sight ‘smart’ is a mockery of stupid. That's why everything is smart today. Smart phones, smart watches, smart meters...  smart motorways Smart road systems designed to ‘make driving safer’ and newer models of cars ‘more reliable’ have been manifestly observed to do the opposite.  Before, there was a lane called "the hard shoulder" (on the left-hand side in the UK).  It was an empty lane where you could pull over and drift to safety out of the lane of fast moving traffic behind you should your vehicle break down.  It facilitated the fire and ambulance emergency services and the AA to get to you. Now, the hard-shoulder has been ditched. There isn't one. All lanes are live lanes and you can't get off them if your vehicle fails.  On these Stupid motorways the car, lorry or bus will now STOP in a running lane. There could be a massive truck hurtling behind and Highways England are WELL aware of the danger, and of the death of innocent people just because their vehicles break down. Many normal human beings working for transport are appalled by this, but the hierarchy who run it are not, and don't care. They just 'factored in' to the equation that this would cause a certain number of deaths...that's cool, death is now an equation.   And drivers have been jailed for fatal accidents in the lane that should be, that once was, the hard shoulder.  The system created the tragedy and the system gets away Scot-free as the victims take the consequences. Highways England keep on lying about smart motorways. There have been many fatalities and the records are not kept; we don't hear about them.  Listen to this interview "Murder by Design", with Paul, a bus and coach mechanic who has been repairing vehicles for 45 years and the accounts of what he has witnessed since smart motorways emerged  These facts are not getting out to the public. Paul contacted Highways England and they just keep coming back with lies. Paul says the sensors placed on the carriageway for them to know you're in trouble are so placed that there is no continuous sensor to detect a solitary vehicle that is stationary, as they would have us believe.  The signage management has deteriorated from an already low bar to even lower. He witnessed a plethora of signs either left on with nothing there, or one that was full and finding the next gantry blank, this includes the red X that attracts points on your licence.  The way they now deal with the traffic jams caused by breakdowns is to have gantries and put up a red X to alert drivers not to go in that lane.  These red crosses don't always go up in time, though, they can't... not in the time it takes a truck to hit a car. And there was a massive build-up of traffic due to a technical glitch in the computer system of the gantries.  The system automatically closed three lanes on a stretch of motorway between Leicester and Nottingham for no reason, causing a huge jam for miles. Two traffic officers have said they have never seen such a mega change in an organisation (Highways England) which used to be at one time safety-orientated, to one in which safety has gone out of the window. Highways England said they would put up "emergency refuse areas" for people to go to if they are in trouble, but these are spaced out one mile to one and a half a mile apart.  That means you've got to break down near to where one of those is.  If you don't, you're buggered.  They might as well not be there. Highways England have also reduced their patrols. No more double-manned patrols that were always the norm, just single person patrols. They told their staff that if they refused the single person operation they would face dismissal. It's dangerous for the single person, but they do it for the Brownie points - which could be posted on their coffin one day.  In the event of accidents blocking roads, accidents like the one with the school bus that went up in flames travelling through Essex on the A127 near Wickford, how are the emergency services going to get there, with all the traffic that would have built up from it??  Had that  school bus been travelling down a smart motorway, what would have happened?  What are the chances that the car behind it wouldn't be smashed in?  Before, police fire and ambulance services would come up the hard shoulder... now, they are faced with a nightmare on Stupid motorways. People have died.  No doubt about it.  Ambulance crews couldn't get there quickly enough.  Won’t have to worry about fire engines on the roads though…since “they” are closing fire stations down And Highways England say smart motorways are safer because they claim that 'modern cars are fitted with technology that warns the driver when they are about to break down giving them time to take action and exit a motorway'. Given the system errors I mentioned, are we supposed to believe them? So many people are seeing broken-down vehicles. Newer cars?Before, you could fix a vehicle at the roadside…now, if you don’t have a diagnostics machine, the car won’t even start. A retired computer programmer who worked on everything from the DEC PDP 8 minicomputer to the IBM 650 all the way to Macintosh and IBM PC, coding everything from transactional systems to AI and graphics, has highlighted how automated vehicles are a potential disaster. He has said that Google and Tesla smart vehicles have already crashed badly because suddenly the world wasn't what their computers thought it was. He said one thing he learned well was “bugs are a fact of life and they show up when you least expect them”. People have reported electric and hybrid cars losing power on motorways all the time.  People worry that unmanned cars will be dangerous. UNMANNED CARS ARE ALREADY DANGEROUS, BY THE ROAD PREPARATIONS FOR UNMANNED CARS!  As smart motorways expand across the entire network you're going to see more and more fatalities until one day there is a gargantuan catastrophe.  People will then realise that their lives mean NOTHING to the hierarchy that control Highways England and the system. One of the great penny drops that allows you to see the world we live in, is that people who control authority do not care about you. They have their agenda, which is playing out. Emergency service workers know that smart motorways have made their jobs more difficult for them. PC Stuart King from the Motorway Police has said on the BBC that they have to force their way between the small gaps between lorries and cars since the hard shoulder was taken away. Many acknowledge the risk they are put under.  Of course!  A former police officer warned a Council leader over safety concerns about the M27 smart motorway scheme after an MP's report called for the scheme to be stopped. The officer, Andy Snow, had seen his fair share of accidents and testifies that his colleague was nearly hit on the M60 smart motorway. So you have this officer saying these schemes are not safe and people will die. He warned that the M27 is extremely busy at rush hour and he told Shaun Woodward, a Councillor, of this previously. This is a scheme between Leicester and Nottingham. The officer presented the statistics of how dangerous these roads are. He warned the accidents already witnessed on the M27 would only increase and he talked about "putting a price on human life". The Councillor spoke with Highways England yet they are STILL going ahead with the scheme. There are a large number of accidents already. What will it be like when the entire motorway system is made 'smart'? Highways England are not so stupid that they don't know that.  To those who can surely see the sheer insanity of it, as can everyone else, to those who are being ordered to patrol on single crews so adding to their own risk, don't do it!  They should remember this is not where it ends.  What is your employer going to force upon you next?  Stand up!  All together everyone, stand up and say you're not having it!  They can't sack you all. And the public, tens of millions of people whose lives when they go out on these Stupid motorways are put in jeopardy obviously - by whom? By a tiny handful of people!  Who  are dictating that to them with no care about their safety. Who are steamrollering out an agenda regardless, with their 'smart' bullshit which is for no other reason than to pave the way for driverless cars.  Driven by AI, controlled by the smart grid where the system knows where you are and the computer won't allow you to travel where they don't want you to go. The smart grid is designed to plug EVERYTHING into the internet, including the human mind through AI and microchips.  Workers at Silicon Valley openly talk about it! Are we going to have that?   Or are we going to give them hell, and give the Members of Parliament hell who don't stand up and bring an end to this?  The worldwide agenda of lethal motorways is ‘smart’ because it’s part of depopulation.  Every little helps.   Life giving trees are being chopped down to build smart motorways and to prevent trees from blocking 5G signals that will hold the smart grid in place.   STOP 5G.   It's in our power.  If we care enough about our own safety and the safety of our loved ones, we'll come together and we'll put an end to this nonsense

Trans-humanist Nightmare

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At Silicon Valley in California are the Singularity University and NASA Research Park, organisations of research into technology that are driving an agenda to have nanotechnology put inside your brain and high-jack the conscious and sub-conscious mind.  "Singularity” refers to a point where the thinking potential of this AI (artificial intelligence) surpasses that of the human,  Artificial intelligence is being touted as a great advancement by the constant sales pitch that is being pushed and pushed about how connecting your mind to the high-tech Cloud will enable the human mind to understand things beyond human capability, and you will become 'superhuman'.  No.  You will become sub-human.  It will turn humans into goldfish because they will have the attention span of goldfish, and this has been shown in studies.  They know different now that when the brain is formed, it doesn't stay the same, but changes the way it perceives on the basis of information received, something called "placidity".  However, transhumanism is being presented to the public as a wonderful way of connecting all of our brains together in an internet called the "Internet of Things".  No.  It is an enslavement and torture system that will mean the end of humanity as we know it, the end of free thought and your own perception and emotions.  All thought and perception will come to your mind from the Cloud while you are believing that these impulses are coming from you.   Ray Kursweil with a few others is one the people who set up this Singularity University.  Kevin Warwick, a British engineer and Deputy Vice Chancellor at Coventry University is in on selling this agenda too.  He said "If a machine is sending down signals that keep you completely happy, then why not be part of the Matrix?"   Ray Kurzweil says that by 2030 humans will be connected to The Cloud, a Wi-Fi technological sub-reality.  Ray Kurzweil openly said: “We will then think from the Cloud.  There will be gateways in the Cloud to our brains”.  That means that as time passes human thinking will dwindle as the Cloud does the thinking more and more, until it does it entirely, programmed by artificial intelligence (AI).  And that is done through the Smart Grid. Almost everything these days that comes out has the word 'smart' in it whether it's technology or ways of doing things like being able to remotely turn on the lights in your home from another country through Wi-Fi.  If you can do that, think what can be done from the central control of the smart grid that was planned - and is unfolding - and which connects into the human mind via AI.  AI will run the whole smart grid and control all technology in part of a colossal control system to run every aspect of human life.   Kurzweil says that the trans-humanist agenda is to attach the human conscious and subconscious mind to the Cloud, a technological AI generated sub-reality that would do more and more of human thinking until it does it all.  They are openly saying this now.  Kurzweil makes no bones about that fact that his goal (apart from bringing his father back to life who apparently is in cryogenic storage) is that human consciousness will be 'downloaded into the mainframe' at which the physical vehicle becomes superfluous to requirements.  It is meant to sound completely crazy so that people switch off and go about their routine.  BUT there are an increasing number of people who are beginning to realise what's occurring.  Rudolph Steiner was a visionary who made observations.  His lectures, which were recorded by shorthand, came into the public domain around the 1980's.   One lecture he gave was titled "The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness".  This was his observation:  "At the Council of Constantinople it was decreed that the spirit did not exist. It was dogmatically stated that the human being consisted only of body and soul and it was heresy to speak of a human spirit. In the same way, attempts will be made to decree the soul, the inner life, as non-existent. The time will come, and it may not be far off, when quite different tendencies will come up at a congress like the one held in 1912 and people will say it is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul. 'Sound' people will speak of nothing but the body.  It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any sign of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick, and you can be quite sure of it; and medicine will be found to address this.  At Constantinople the spirit was made non-existent. The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug, taking a sound point of view people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that the human body never gets the idea that there is a spirit and a soul."  The death cult's Jesuits have held various councils like the Nicaea and Trent organising religion and a council in 585 denying that women had a soul.  This death cult that believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of this earth have been telling you from Day One you are nothing more than a human resource to be used and discarded once there is no longer a need.  And artificial intelligence brings that about much sooner than many people realise.  Those whores to the corporations working for the establishment pushing this agenda allowing future generations to be enslaved, those who are given responsibility for its administration and who think that if they support this agenda they'll be looked after, what's going to happen to them?  They're going out the same way.  Silence is no one's option. Multiple vaccines are an attempt to shut down awareness that there is something more beyond the physical vehicle.  Mandatory vaccinations and mandatory drugging of the population with Smart drugs (digital pills) also connect into the smart grid. They are putting chips in these drugs so that the doctor knows if you've taken them or not. You're given the prescription by the doctor and your Smart phone then alerts you to the fact that it's time to take the Smart drug. They send wireless message to patches, tablets or Smartphones when they are ingested, tracking to make sure that you've been drugged. A CIA scientist had been working for the CIA because he was forced to. When he first joined the CIA he thought he was serving his country. When he saw things that were really going on he rebelled and refused to work for them. Just after that, he left his home and experienced missing time.  He awoke on a medical-type bench in a room with a transparent sachet stuck to his chest, with golden liquid inside. That was how they forced him, his body had been manipulated to need the drug to survive which if he didn't get he would die an unpleasant death.  They'd say on the inside "someone's been patched".  This was in 1997 when no one was talking about nanotechnology.  This guy said they were putting nano-microchips into people (which are now in the public arena known as Smart Dust to connect people to AI).  He said they were getting them into people's bodies through vaccination programmes. An organisation called Gavi The Vaccine Alliance which is funded by Bill Gates is involved in developing technologies to track children to make sure they've been vaccinated, using fingerprint records and digital health cards, text message, birth alerts,and a mobile digital identity platform, in the name of 'solving global identity crises'.  Gavi is connected to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This is the same forum to which Greta Thunberg is invited to make her statement about how "we're all gonna die" because of climate change, it is led by the same death cult that want AI for humanity. Gavi want to have a digital identification of every child to ensure they receive vaccines.  They want to employ digital health card technology to electronically register and track health services. That means track people. It sends details of every newborn baby's birth to a government health worker via coded SMS.  They're on about meeting people where they are by devices in their hands. It's biometric tracking of every man woman and child 24/7 from birth to death. Dr Richard Day back in 1969 warned in a meeting of paediatricians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that they were going to inoculate diseases into people by vaccinations. He shocked everybody by asking them to turn off the recording equipment and then told them how the world was going to change.  It was all been planned long ago. Rest assured that the idea that it's about children's health is a load of old crap - any guilt you feel you can let that go. Most of the people not of the death cult's 1%, the people who carry out the job and put the stuff in the syringe, have no idea what's in there, no idea of the plan of human control, the manipulation of DNA and nano-chips in the body to connect it to the smart grid.  Very few people need to know. Clueless politicians don't know.  NO SAY OF WHAT GOES INTO YOUR BODY AND INTO YOUR CHILD'S BODY!!??   It is time to act to thwart what is coming.   The other thing that has just been announced might appear unconnected to the vaccine subject but it IS connected - driver-less vehicles.     They are preparing the road system for when driver-less cars are to arrive, which are also connected to the smart grid because Britain is having Smart motorways.  This is so that the vehicle you travel around in is controlled by AI and not by you.    It is not to make the roads run smoothly, as people think.  Have you ever driven on British motorways recently? They are taking the emergency lanes out and making it a running lane leaving nowhere to escape for motorists who break down. If they come to a stop quickly and something is behind... bang.  THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING!  PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DYING BECAUSE THEY'VE BEEN HIT ... when they would otherwise have been in the emergency lane.   The Head of Highway England that's running this Smart motorway insanity said that the day will come when only driver-less vehicles will be allowed. Uber Taxis's business plan is to have driver-less taxis. If your thoughts are controlled by AI because you have microchips in you and so are the vehicles, you are no longer hopping on buses and taxis deciding where you want to go.  Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said "UK will have fully autonomous cars in three to four years. Britain will see truly driver-less cars in three or four years and there will still be a role for diesel cars for many years.  We are now rapidly approaching the era of the driver-less car".   Know the  outcome and you see the journey.  Because the way we are being dragged down this road has been step-wise by getting people addicted to technology (achieved).  Already the human brain is being rewired by this bombardment of electrical digital stimulus that we have now that people - especially the young - are getting from this technology that is constantly on, and many studies have shown this.  Data input changes the way the brain decodes reality.  It is destroying attention spans, people can't read a book anymore because they can't concentrate for long enough, they've got to pick the phone up as the brain becomes addicted to that electronic stimulus.   This digital addiction began with getting people addicted first to hand-held tech: smart phones, iPads, tablets etc.  A third of American babies now play with smartphones because they can walk and talk. In their digital addiction phone zombies have been hospitalised after walking into traffic  Half of families text each other in the same house.  Experts say tech craze could have catastrophic effects on family life. Driving families apart, and dividing men from women, is one of the agendas. You notice many young people when you're out, the rest of the world doesn’t exist, only the screen of the smart phone.  Travelling on the tube, nearly every person but one looking down at their phone like robots.  They're gone. The next step is getting the gadgets out of the hands and wearing them on the body, before getting them IN the body, wearable tech like Bluetooth pulsing microwaves next to your brain all day long, smart watches and Google Glass (smart glasses) and stitching circuitry into your shirt to get a better signal. And smart clothing, Spinovo is a device worn on the spine sold to relieve back pain.  Smart glasses become smart contact lenses.  Celebs like Eddie Murphy have been used to advertise bionic lenses – “I’m seeing what you’re seeing!”  The sales pitch is that one day soon you may be able to see in the dark or zoom in on objects and enlarge them just by looking at them, accelerating vision beyond human capabilities.  One step from the microchip is the electronic tattoo, and then come the implantable devices getting technology inside the body.  Thousands of Swedish employees have been implanted with microchips to replace cash, cards and ID passes and actually thrown parties to celebrate their friends/co-workers getting an implant.  The US Navy discussed plans to fit humans with microchips and track their every move.  The media is pushing micro-chipping of children by telling parents they will never lose their child again and this is used to microchip people with mental disabilities and old people with Alzheimer's so they 'won't get lost'.  Google has vastly gone beyond being primarily a search engine to find you what you want on the internet and has been involved in developing these robocop- type robots designed to take over the military.  Google's building in Silicon Valley is situated close to the NASA Research Park which has been working on beaming Wi-Fi all over the earth since Wi-Fi is needed everywhere to construct the Cloud. A few miles down the road from the Google building and the Singularity University is the Facebook building.   It trawls people’s private lives, if they tell you what their private lives are, and builds a network of communication all around the world.  They want to send satellites up.    For everyone to be attached to a Wi-Fi- based world cloud then what needs to be created is a Wi-Fi cloud that no one can get away from that covers every inch of the planet.  That’s happening through SpaceX, NASA and DARPA.   Google work closely with DARPA, the high-tech arm of the Pentagon.  DARPA develop death rays, mind manipulation and surveillance technology. And DARPA fund Siri; office assistants like Apple and these others are funded by DARPA and the CIA. About fourteen tech firms are CIA funded and coming through, not from, Silicon Valley. DARPA and Google combined are pushing the transhumanism, with Ray Kursweil, Google’s executive, who is articulating it.  Regina Duggan used to be the head and director of DARPA and she then made an eccentric career move from what is a government technology firm to become executive of a search engine company (Google). Boston Dynamics was the organisation that developed the hideous Big Dog robot and other monstrosities and they were bought by Google in 2013.   Google is a friendly buzzword to everyone, a word so well known that it registers with people as a friend, because it is a search engine.  So Google changed the name of the companies they own to a non-descript easily forgotten name that means nothing to anyone, the name "Alphabet", thus no one connects anything sinister to Google.  We must be alerted to Google, Kurzweil and trans-humanist talk and watch them like a hawk, for we are being manipulated into giving our minds away (literally) to AI.  There are targeted individuals now being experimented on for transhumanisation   . Elon Musk from SpaceX said we must get technology inside us to attach us to this Cloud because if we don’t, we won’t ‘keep up with technology’.  So they get people attached to technology. If not being misused for an unbelievably pernicious motive then there is nothing wrong with technology.  It is about how it is used and it can be wonderful only when used for good.   The world army that’s being developed is not an army of humans, but an army of killer robots that will leave humans defenseless, machines controlled by AI that decides who to kill and who not to kill.  These technologies are being seen in News headlines.  The Pentagon wants drone swarms to to support infantry. US military to have more robot soldiers than humans by the year 2025.   They are telling us.  Robocops are coming to London and are already in Dubai. Dallas has seen the first killing by a robot, someone who was claimed to have been shooting at police.  Jobs are disappearing at a fantastic speed because of AI.  A Chinese company has been replacing 90% of workers with robots.  "SAM" is a brick laying robot that does the work of six humans.  There is a new robot-run farm factory that replaces field workers.  There are AI shepherds, drones in the sky that herd sheep.  Borgs will take over millions of jobs in the next fifteen years.  Who pays your bills when robots take your jobs?  Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that there was going to be a dramatic reduction in the population.  There are so many documents showing that they want to cull the population by enormous amounts. The reason they are happy to do this is because of the AI take-over.  They don't need humans like they have up to this point.  There is a shocking fall in sperm counts in the West so much that doctors warned of human extinction.  Part of the cull.  Chemtrails rain down aluminium and Alzheimer's disease has gone through the roof since chemtrails started.  Bees suffer dementia and this metal pollution may be behind insect decline, it's coming from the sky.  Aldous Huxley author of "Brave New World" spoke about a next generation of people who would love their servitude, because they are dumbed down by pharmacological methods and brainwashing, and that is what is happening in university and college campuses all over the world and why the Snowflake Generation is being produced. A CIA documented plan has come to light of a drugged and debilitated society and it is in the paperwork that this was the plan all along.  The Google-DARPA combination is important to understanding how the transhumanist agenda is being manipulated into place  And one other area is pre-emptive programming (manifesting our own prison). This dystopian world is coming out in movie after movie after movie. Through films, TV series and music videos people are being fed this hellish world in order to condition them subconsciously to it and become familiar with that reality which would otherwise be alien. This, with the mainstream pushing transhumanism, is programming people to normalise it.   This information is to remove ignorance to give the opportunity to thwart this totalitarian lockdown of we're heading towards and take avoiding action.   Ditch the smartphone. Sling the television. Avoid "Smart" everything. Stop voting for crooks. RESIST. Spread truth. This is not a lost cause.  We can paint a prettier world, we can change direction far faster than anyone can imagine, by changing ourselves. We have to see the connection between perception and frequency and that this isn't a solid world of limitation.   LET GO OF FEAR - fear locks you down into a low frequency but it also keeps you inactive.   Thankfully an awakening is increasing and 5G may well be that trigger.  The establishment are desperate to get 5G in place because they can't construct the Cloud without it.  And that's why it's coming in without checks because they know what they will find if they go through that process of testing. Communities right across Britain are starting to do their own research.  They are looking at the number of scientists who are calling for a moritorium. Telecom companies pushing 5G assume that the dumbed-down population will like the device that will shackle them and actually pay for it.  We can cease doing business with them and boycott the companies that use 5G. Individuals who have actually suffered microwave harassment, "targeted individuals", have constantly been writing to Councillors and government staff who didn't lift a finger, subjugated by this military control technology.   The Ministry for Communications deal with the telephone masts, and the telephone masts are the key to dealing with the 5G menace. In order to send signals to our brains and bodies they need an infrastructure to send the messages from. The 5G system is connected through the telephone masts. To stop the whole process we must disassemble the telephone masts at the earliest opportunity and go back to landline phones and fibre optic cable internet.  Everybody will think clearly again, individuals who are being tortured inside their own homes will be free again, and it will be easy to free ourselves from this enslavement system.  Just give your attention to bringing down this insanity don't fear it.   Awareness of what is going on is very crucial but we must focus our thoughts and attention on solutions rather than the problem because based on the Law of Attraction you get more of what you are focused upon.  The 99% giving their power away to the 1%...take it back and it's a house of cards coming down

Stop 5G

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It seems some level of awareness is gaining pace in trying to prevent this untested abomination of 5G frequencies being rolled out. The ruling parasites that mandate this from behind the scenes planned long ago for artificial intelligence to take over everything.  It would mean your own thinking and decision making would be a thing of the past.  This will operate through smart meters that send data from all your household appliances to the meter that connects to the centrally controlled smart grid in the "Internet of Things"; ultimately the frequency field created from that will sync the human brain to the Cloud (Ray Kursweil, trans humanist agenda, Agenda 2030.) Boris Johnson has delivered a dissertation at a UN presentation of his concerns about the rapid rise of artificial intelligence and whether or not that technology would benefit humanity or signal humanity’s demise - Listen very carefully to what Boris is saying:  he is fulfilling a criterion that the ruling parasites believe they must do if they want to implement any agenda, and that is, owing to karmic law, they have to tell us what they are planning.  They do not tell us directly but put it out there in all sorts of ways. Because what they are doing is breaking free will; they manipulate us to ask for these systems ourselves.  They need our consent. If there's no reaction from the public they take that as acquiescence and you have silently given your consent.  They are counting on you to interpret Boris’s statement as “Ok Boris has got it, we can leave it to the government”, naively trusting them to take care of it. This silent consent is "implied consent".   Being silent on this is suicide.  There will be nowhere to run, no place to live where 5G won’t be; it is causing bees to disappear and without pollination we will have no food. We are all in this together.  They plan to put transmitter-receivers on LED lighting on your street every 150 metres or so apart.  This is a 1mm bandwidth of 1 million nanometres (X-rays are 10 nanometres).  Do not give your consent.   Many of the practitioners that are speaking out about this have been on this case for about twenty years, being kept on the fringe and not gaining much attraction.  We have all the evidence accumulated, including the damage to fertility, unborn babies and birth defects. South East Asia who have embraced this technology even more than the west have a decline in their birth rates by ¾ of what they used to be.   Experts, academics, scientists and medical doctors shared the latest science at the Radiation Health conference that took place in London on 28th September 2019 organised by Brian Stein, former chief executive of a corporation, someone who has had health issues diagnosed as effects caused by EMF radiation.  There is no doubt.  Public Health England were invited to the event but they declined - they could not win any debate. A group of concerned citizens in Manchester invited Public Health England and Vodafone to participate in an event that was part of the 5G: Is It Safe? tour at the Britannia Hotel in Manchester. They were offered a chance to debate, not just listen.  But they pulled out at the last minute and decided not to engage after doing a bit of research.  There is so much information on this phenomenal technology that we are drowning in it, but instead of just sitting on information it must be put to use.  Not to do so is to be complicit in evil. Edinburgh, Glasgow and London are well down the path of being smart cities.  There is a 5G rally in Edinburgh and 5G: Is It Safe events are kicking off up and down the British Isles. The great thing is that groups are manifesting out of this.  The onus is now on communities to resist this and engage with your elective representatives cooperatively.  To rise up in our communities and educate our fellow human beings.  Get out and talk to shop keepers, go into cafes, give out flyers, and there is the "People's Charter" you can join. Don't try to win the battle on Facebook and on the internet, you won't, the trolls are waiting for you.  Get all the local people together. This is about human being talking to human being.    It is ignorance that is letting these psychopaths get away with it. Most people who are in lower levels of elected office i.e. district and county councils are completely in the dark about 5G. Once their interest is peaked by the enormity of the threat they quickly get on board, quickly realising that government is doing everything to remove local participation in decision making associated with the roll-out of 5G and what’s beyond it. If you have a smart meter get it removed as soon as possible.  You may be charged a fee, something like £120.  That's a small price to pay to get a carcinogen toxic device out of your property. Young children are far more susceptible to these radio frequency emissions than the mature physical vehicle. Use Faraday cage type protections to mitigate the effects of whatever devices you are exposed to right now,   If you don't have a smart meter you DON’T have to have one, there is no ‘law’ demanding that you have one despite the various suppliers trying to foist them on their customers because they are rewarded.   You can also inform your supplier that if they don’t take it out you’re going to change supplier. The fastest way to neuter a smart meter is to change your supplier. Once you do that, the meter that was installed by the previous supplier won't work at gathering data with the new supplier.  And you tell your new supplier I do not want a smart meter. And despite their pressure to tell you they are compulsory, they are not. Just hold your ground. A smart meter is also a security risk, someone can hack into it and determine whether you’re in the house and what you’re doing and invade your privacy.  Smart meters are not compulsory, you can refuse.  If that means stopping the fitters from coming into your house then so be it.   If we allow them to completely install the 5G grid we won’t be able to undo it. It will CONTROL thought and action.  Action MUST happen now and not once the disablement manifests. It is crucial that we build awareness of the devastation and total surveillance that 5G brings and we have about six months to do it.  These are in the last days of the old ways. WE, the collective, must stop this dystopian nightmare.   We will be free or die in the process, because what's coming on this earth is going to be God awful if Mankind doesn't get back their own spirituality and have a backbone with it, and say No More will we bow down to murderers who seek to imprison us.  The ruling psychopaths are no more than eight to ten thousand people in the whole world using our weaknesses against us.  We are a population of seven billion.  We now have got to mobilise.  It's numbers that are going to win this. Gandhi just got the people to stand up... and say No. Ditch the Smartphone. Sling the television. Avoid 'smart' everything. Stop voting for crooks.  Do what we WILL to get our freedom. WE CAN DO THIS

Don’t cry kids, the end ain’t nigh

Millions of children and teens have been going on school strikes in protest against what they believe to be human-caused ‘climate change’, because they’ve been LIED TO. They’re being told that the world is going to end and they are all going to die. Children in the prime of their childhood are crying in distress because they fear the end of the world.  What’s being done to children is tragic child abuse. Their childhood is being taken away because they are petrified of what they are told is ‘coming’. Teen activist Greta Thunberg delivered an apocalyptic speech at the United Nations traumatising the world’s children.  This is another religion in made by the death cult that has controlled the education system and all systems from the get-go. They’ve programmed the children that we, their forebears, are destroying the environment and we don't care. Children don’t hear any alternative information, any facts. Greta, prompted by the adults that control her, says “Look at the science”.   If you've not heard Greta when she hasn’t got a script to read from, watch this Here IS the science: books written by academics in climatology that our children don’t have privy to.  Read Dr Tim Ball’s book, Human-Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception in History.  Read zoologist Susan J. Crockford’s book, The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened.  Meteorologist Joe Bastardi showed in his book The Climate Chronicles that what is being blamed on ‘global warming’ are just normal weather patterns and these have been tracked back decade after decade.  Cycles cause these phenomena which have nothing to do with human activity or carbon dioxide.  We had droughts in the 1950s-1970s when the tropical Pacific was in fact going through a cooler period.  When the tropical Pacific is warm, like it was from 1981-2005, it’s wet.  Hurricane landfalls in the US have declined over the past 140 years, F3 or larger tornadoes have been in decline since the 1970s, Antarctica has been gaining ice, and carbon dioxide levels have been ten times lower than in some past ice ages.  Temperatures were higher than they are today a thousand years ago.  And Marc Morano in his book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, charts the political manipulation that has created this hoax.  This climate change hysteria that got children striking from school worldwide did not get underway from the one-girl mission of a teenager who began a school strike single-handedly, standing outside the Swedish parliament with placards getting other kids to join.  The famous-overnight poster girl gets in worldwide media, crosses the Atlantic in a massive yacht to attend two conferences, addresses the Davos Summit, goes before the UN, meets the Pope and is nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize (so is Kissinger). That kid is being mercilessly used and controlled by the elite and their legion to push a line that they want delivered to the world. Greta is the daughter of the famous opera singer and leftist activist Marlene Ernman. Her grandfather was a famous Swedish actor. Her activism has the backing of George Soros, an oligarch who funds progressive groups and is pushing for Marxism. The yacht, the “Malizia”, was named after the financial baron and founder of a fleet of racing yachts Edmond de Rothschild, and cost upwards of 4 million Euros to build.  It was captained by renowned yachtsman Boris Hareman, and Pierre Casiragi who is the grandson of Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and actress Grace Kelly. David Meyer de Rothschild was prominent in the 1992 Rio Climate Summit. Backed by the Rockefellers, Maurice Strong, Exxon, BP and Shell.  How often do sixteen year olds have their own coaches?  Her coach is Louisa Marie Neubauer, a German climate change activist who belongs to The One foundation which has wealthy financiers that include Bono, and Bill and Melissa Gates.  Al Gore, Vice-President to Bill Clinton, has been fronting this scam.  It’s not about the environment. It’s an insidious ploy to use the environment to provoke a scare big enough to get people to demand a change in world society so they will accept the centralisation of power that will take away freedom.  It began in 1968 with the formation of the Club of Rome, a satellite group of the Round Table formed by secret societies that go back before it.  The Club of Rome’s specific objective was to use the environment to justify governing the entire world from a central point; they drew up the United Nations’ manifesto known as Agenda 2030. They want to bring us under an international government but it isn’t a progressive thing, it dictates every intricate detail of your life.  You will lose all your liberties and be existing in abject misery. The agenda is to suck all productivity out of everything until all that is manufactured are things that have already been manufactured, so that no human can get out of poverty or work for themselves. No human productivity, just survival.  Such changes in their planning long ago were justified by creating the illusion of an enemy.  A publication of 1991 said: “The enemy of humanity is Man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.  The real enemy then is humanity itself.”  People are not having children because they believe they are destructive to the environment and the world is about to end and they blame themselves.  What better way to contrive a serious threat, or perception of a threat, than “the planet’s going to die”?  Distressing for the young.  The establishment knows how to target the heartstrings - young people are harder to ignore than older typical protestors. And the ones who are going to have their freedoms taken away are the kids who are demanding it to save the world!  Remember all the other scary predictions we had in the past that never came true?  Remember that the world was supposed to end on 21st December 2012? And we’re still here, listening to a congresswoman in New York saying we’ve got “twelve years to save the planet”. That’s really going to screw kids up! Twelve years from now it will be 2031. It’s in line with Agenda 2030.   The Google executive, Ray Kursweil, is pointing out that by around 2030 humans will start to have their brains connected to artificial intelligence. Humans would no longer be human, they would be drones. These kids will be in the prime of their adulthood. They are targeting the children to get them indoctrinated by the time they become adults, instilling terror into them so that they demand their freedoms be given away and everyone else give their freedoms away.  The youngsters are holding banners saying “You are stealing our future/We’re the ones who will face this, not you older people”.  Pulling the older people away from the young and creating a divide is part of this manipulation, so that the young won’t listen to older people… who know what life was like in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s when it was much, much different.  Cause a rift between generations, so that the young, who only hear simple propaganda, chastise their elders, or even hate their family. Childhoods are being destroyed through this trauma and alarm and families hurt from hearing only this crap. It is imperative that they hear the facts. An article appeared in the Wall Street Journal titled “The myth of the climate change 97%”.  It said that the belief that climate change is a man-made urgent problem is a fiction.  Only 0.3% of 11,944 abstracts of peer-reviewed scientific papers, or 1% of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and NOT the 97.1%, had been found to endorse the claim that human activity is causing most of the current warming. Youngsters need to know that carbon dioxide is LIFE.  It is food for trees and plants which feed us. Without it we’d all be DEAD.  More than 90% of greenhouse gases are WATER VAPOUR AND CLOUDS!  Co2 is a tiny fraction, most of which is naturally generated!!  Professor Leslie Woodcock of the University of Manchester was Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemical Engineering, Max Planck Society Fellowship and former NASA researcher. Woodcock has stated that water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and makes up about 1% of our atmosphere. Co2 is 0.04%. Meteorologist Piers Corbyn, who runs WeatherAction in London, tweeted: “I am an actual scientist of physics, meteorology, astrophysics and climate and say Greta Thunberg is wrong and suffers mental abuse by manipulative adults”. The 72 year old meteorologist responded to the youngsters’ Extinction Rebellion when protestors glued themselves to his brother’s house, trying to explain to them that carbon dioxide is life – 6 hydrogen, 6 oxygen, and 6 carbon.  Why do you think there is so much ritual fixation on the Number of the Beast 666?  It is the number of man, not “a man”.  This death cult is targeting a gas that man needs and which is now widely believed to be toxic.  You must tell the youth that if there were a carbon dioxide deficiency the flora around us would struggle.  When plants breathe in Co2 they breathe out oxygen. We need oxygen.  We need plants and trees for that…and the elites making you believe we have to urgently ‘save the environment’ have been chopping down the forests ever since the Jesuits raided Native American land to raise cattle when they first started building abattoirs and created the meat industry, which is the greatest polluter on earth and a colossal waste of water. We should protect the environment where it’s appropriate and they don’t care about that, nor about 5G’s radiation nor that China is the biggest polluter of countries, since China is the model they want for the world, something Marxist and dictatorial. Watch the unbelievable scenario in this video "China's social credit coming soon"  By making it appear as though the west is wrecking all the havoc on the environment and needs to change. Know that the west produces less pollution than the eastern countries who birth higher populations.  When you see a barefoot Prince Harry deliver a passionate speech about saving the earth, know that he trots back off to his private jet once he puts his shoes back on. Know that Leonardo di Caprio flies in a private jet to receive environmental awards. He’s the UN’s messenger of peace now with a special interest in climate change. You think he got the part because he knows what he’s talking about?  Or that being a celebrity makes him a credible mouthpiece through which to amplify disinformation?  Dear young ones, the end is not nigh. Your freedom is, though, if you keep buying this crap.  You are being taken for a ride with this global-warming-we’re-all-gonna-die movement, which could be the most dangerous ride of your life leading you down a dark and treacherous road, don’t go there! It’s a trap!  Time to WAKE UP FAST!  You are being deceived.  Do not believe that the government is saving you from a man-made catastrophe, it is NOT.  Polar bears are continuing to thrive. The world is not going to end, so chill.