Babylon Is Falling

You are a multi-dimensional entity. The most powerful state to be in to transform your life and get what you want is intent. Not just words but feeling it. For instance “I want to become….”, “I want to use that to make the world a nicer more compassionate place”… put out your intent and mean it. That intent is going to lock on to information fields of a matching frequency through a process of vibrational magnetism, in the forms of people, places, jobs, experiences and circumstances and draw them towards you. Many people fall into fear and panic. They went against the grain and suddenly their lives are falling apart. You can’t change and have things remain the same. If you speak your truth and you lose your job because of it, it seems like a disaster at first. There is upheaval. The old life has to crumble away because you are no longer on the frequency field you were on before. The old frequency has run its course. If you’ll just hang in there in that space, the process of pulling other things towards you starts to happen. Your new intent is syncing to a different vibrational construct and other things come in that need to be put into place to manifest the change. And then something else comes along. Your heart knows it will be for your higher good, health wise or financially.

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Kill Shot

R.I.P. Covid Vaccine Victims

Have a PCR test, die from being run over, it's "Covid". However, get injected with an experimental cocktail and die, and there is "no correlation". This no correlation problem keeps cropping up, and seems to be so bad and real that groups have been created for it. Covid Vaccine Victims on Telegram is an interminable log of deaths and injuries one after the other after the other endlessly. 

This is from a young mother from the UK paralysed after the Pfizer Vaccine:

This is from a mother-to-be who was about to give birth:

Moments after getting the shot this woman in Argentina is on the floor convulsing, the witness is yelling "The shame in this hospital of San Diego, this woman is convulsing and not one doctor comes, this hospital is shit, a policeman has to come out because the doctors aren't coming".  This poor woman in the UK was found having convulsions on the road by pedestrians and struggling to communicate - her mask had blood stains on the inside.  People afraid to lose their jobs cooperate with a bunch of criminals instead of saying NO to all that's wrong and dangerous. Seeing dozens of these horrible videos and more convulsions justice should immediately act to stop this evil crime, it is the role of the police to protect the citizens and take the initiative to stop this.  This is all insane, unforgivable. We could end this tomorrow if we all stood up and said No More.  Stop participating. Stop calling it a vaccine it's not a vaccine. Doctors around the world issue a dire warning: Do Not Get The Covid Shot!  Robert F Kennedy warned don't take the Covid shot under any circumstances.  The UK Medical Freedom Alliance have put together information of the lipid nanoparticle and a list of the adverse events together with an open letter addressing the safety concerns to send to your GP and MPs and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.  Anyone in the UK looking for a site to report their vaccine injuries or the injuries of anyone they know, you can report them to this new site here that has been launched by some caring doctors and scientists which will show you the data, as the Yellow Card Scheme only collects data but doesn't share them with citizens.  The CDC tries to hide the latest data (and actually has a page dedicated to zombie preparedness - irreversible changes to DNA by mRNA?)  VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, VEARS is the CDC's reporting system but less than 1% gets reported on that. On the true reports of deaths the lists go on and on. Between 14th December 2020 and 18th February 2021 19,907 reports of adverse effects were submitted to VAERS  - 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries.

Health passports... this is the bait to get people to take the shot. They know that many want to travel to see their family members abroad.  Vaxxed people rushing to get the passport... they can put the green pass on their tombstone.  Hold tight, human rights cases are being initiated worldwide that could lead to new planned Nuremburg trials by the Corona Commission and their team with lawyer Reinhart Fullmich and if people refuse the shot and stop travelling for another year, the arse end should fall out of this discriminating passport idea. Send this letter to your MP.  Implementing such a "passport" is a fascist act.  Anybody NOT opposing this is as guilty as the Nazis they are allowing to proceed with their agenda. Fight it, and at the same time exit and build. To resume international travel without tests, masks and vaccination, there are people who instead of focusing on this human travesty, they are focusing on what they can do about it and pushing back with their Freedom Airways and Freedom Travel Alliance (FAFTA) a new website and travel tech venture to offer travellers safe travel - join Freedom Airways.  It is your inalienable right to travel.  

To push back against masks and testing in schools if the school has made it mandatory, request a letter free of charge from Lawyers for Liberty. Fill out the form and send it to them. They will send a letter to the school without mentioning your or your child's name. 

According to federal law no employer, not military nor medical, can require anyone to get an experimental vaccine that's not licensed by the FDA therefore they're breaking the law by firing their employees trying to force them to get it and people need to hold their ground.   Think NUREMBURG TRIALS.

Weimar's liberating decision
In Germany a landmark legal decision has declared that lockdowns, social distancing and bans on family or friends gathering, are  UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The judge called the lockdowns a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people’s lives.” The decision was made by a court in Weimar. the first city in Germany whose name was adopted by the first German republic from 1919—1933 before the Nazi regime changed it. Many thousands of Germans demonstrating all throughout summer and autumn in 2020 led Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas buckling.  Forensic analysis of data convinced the court that the epidemic situation that was used to justify the lockdown laws doesn't exist, there was no epidemic of national importance,  hence the Judge declared that the measures were an attack on the “foundations of our society" and ruled that the government had violated human dignity under basic German law.  Read more: Alliance for Human Research Protection.  Listen to "Litigation for Crimes Against Humanity" by Dr Reiner Fullmich.

The Israeli government is steamrollering over the rights of individuals pushing this green passport to be able to do anything. Everyone would still have to wear a mask and social distance. People are fighting back against the insane medical apartheid with a brand new human rights movement they've made into a political party running in the Knesset. The demon rats there took away the head of the Party's medical license and the Party is asking all international journalists to publicise what they're saying and need every hand on deck.

Join the groups
Download the Telegram app, create an account and join the groups. Here's a list of worldwide groups and channels on Telegram that are sharing information about deaths, side effects, doctors' articles and other vital information about this gene code injection.  Share this far and wide to open up the eyes of everybody to protect them against these killer shots. The MSM will not show this to them. If you know more groups, please put them in on the list and share when you join the groups. 

Where is Washington DC?

Check on your Google maps if Washington DC is gone.  In this video it looks like they have removed Washington DC.  It doesn't say "Washington DC" anymore, just "Washington".  No more DC?????

Come on you rebels

A few Canadians moved from the phase of just being digital soldiers sitting at home banging on their keyboards posting and sharing content online, to taking action, and put on their boots and went to town. They went in a group to the supermarket to buy some grapes without wearing masks. Of course the store manager confronted them. A woman leading the group quoted to him the bye-laws pertaining to having a business licence in Ontario and the various reasons for exemption for which she doesn’t need to show proof.  A man from the group asserted that they were standing up for people’s rights and freedoms, that denying people the right to buy food for not wearing a mask is criminal so they could take them to court, and that are exercising their rights.  The manager didn't acknowledge any of this. Finally he told the manager: “It’s time to wake up, the flu’s disappeared, nobody’s dropping dead anywhere, this thing’s a hoax”.    If you are in a country where you have these types of bye-laws and exemptions (including feeling claustrophobic) to protect your Constitutional rights, there is no reason why a group of three, four or five of you, as long as you stick with each other, can’t do the same thing they did. When you encounter these confrontations with businesses that are violating those rights with their illegal mandates you have grounds for a lawsuit against them as well as video footage of it. What she did was courageous and very ingenious, effective because that encounter got a lot of people recording the event and it’s going to go viral and start waking a lot of people up to their rights and freedoms who were previously oblivious to them.  That store manager ended up not calling the cops because he was afraid.  She had informed him of the law and it was all factual. He can’t contest it.  Even if the cops came, there is nothing they can do as she would continue to hit them up with the bye-laws and they have to respect them and allow people to shop without this type of harassment. Fight back with the law, with intelligence, and unite, it is much more effective when done in a collective and unafraid. There is strength in numbers. Those out there who are awakened need to recruit people in your area, form your own Telegram groups locally, put a link to it on social media so they know where to find it, and you can employ this type of strategy.  Here is another way to fight against mask mandates.

This lady walked in with a rare medical condition called Common Sense and these shop owners are taking back their sovereignty

History repeating itself. This was during the Spanish Flu

Fuckingham Palace

In the UK on Friday 26th February there was a supposed broadcast of the Queen of England (actually Germany) on television by way of a Zoom call.  She was smiling. She's not exactly known for her smiles and jolly japes, and she's not known for making any announcements to the nation other than at Christmas but for the past year you can't bloody keep her off television.  Only problem is, it wasn't her, it was one of the most blatant displays of CGI fakery ever seen.  A guy demonstrated how easy it is to fake an image with CGI using George Bush and Barack Obama as examples, also Piers Morgan and various others.  He showed just how you can put words into the mouths of famous people and manipulate an image to make it appear that these people are saying those words.  With the queen on that broadcast... the lips were wrong, she had a gap in her bottom teeth, the background wasn't the palatial surroundings of a castle it was a poor drab background with a squalid cooker-like thing.  They've been using a non-too convincing double of Prince Charles over the last year, nobody knows where Prince Phillip is except photos of him with black eyes have emerged looking like an exhumed corpse dug up from a grave about three days ago.  William and Kate have done a runner and we haven't seen Harry for at least a year, when you see him lately he's got a thick head of hair, recently they got the bald patch right but the rest is off, and energetically off like that guy is not Harry, he and Meghan have been excommunicated from the family.  The psyop continues, they are going to be on Oprah, and where's Oprah? In this latest message the people were told that the queen, who never normally feels the need to speak up about any other issues, felt so strongly about the Covid vaccine that she felt compelled to jump on a Zoom call - because it's entirely natural for all 94 year olds to go on Zoom with a group of people, they do it all the time.  The fact they are desperate enough to put out a GCI fake of her to encourage people to get this injection might suggest that that agenda isn't going as well as they would have liked, thanks to public awareness of the true nature of vaccines and this gene modifier in particular which can't even be accurately described as a "vaccine", and thanks to public awareness of the true nature of that psychopathic abomination Bill Gates the eugenicist.  So this was a message reinforcing  how important it is for everyone to take their Covid vaccine and how you're not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for other people, it's an act of selflessness, your "duty"; and if you don't you are selfish.  Rich that a lecture on selfishness should come from somebody who for decades has hoarded obscene amounts of wealth in the trillions which if distributed elsewhere would have eradicated all poverty homelessness and starvation everywhere in the world overnight, but it was was kept by her family.  Lord Louis Mountbatten (Prince Phillip's cousin who allegedly abused Charles) became such an embarrassment to them even by their sick standards that they had to have him removed discreetly by having his yacht blown up in an MI6 sting operation in 1979 and blame it on the IRA.   Prince Charles was a close chum of Jimmy Saville who was a known serial paedophile, Satanist and even a necrophiliac, and a frequent visitor to Buckingham Palace. Prince Andrew had known associations with child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and she has protected their unsavoury associations, hasn't had anything critical to say about them or their conduct (she herself having been involved in the abduction of children from a school in Canada).... but the vaccine, now that gets people commenting who don't normally comment.  "Sir" Paul McCartney was saying everyone should take the vaccine and he couldn't wait to get his and "Sir" Bob Geldof encouraged it too.  At the New Year, "Sir" Ringo Starr was pushing the mask and all the Covid regulations.  And "Sir" Elton John and "Sir" Michael Caine have now appeared in a campaign encouraging people to get the jab.  All these "sirs" emerge to reinforce the official line on everything. Who creates "Sirs"?  Oh, the queen.  What about names who we should have heard from who we'd expect have a thing or two to say against this because we were trained to think of them as a bit dangerous, a bit edgy, names who don't like the government? Lefties who didn't care for the Tories?  Where's Johnny Rotten then? He sang about the queen's fascist regime, "she ain't no human being".  Paul Weller used to be anti-establishment.  Not heard too much from Paul Weller.  Morrissey? He's always had a bit to say about the monarchy, he's pro-animal rights.  Is he pro-human rights as well?  We don't recall Morrissey having anything to say about the biggest scam ever pulled off in history.  Where's the rest of The Clash?  We don't hear anything from those Punk and New Wave bands. Aren't the Rolling Stones supposed to be bad boys of Rock? We've heard bugger all from them.  What about Muse? Didn't they have a song called Uprising that was all about taking on the establishment and don't take tyranny? Haven't heard Muse say much about what's going on.  Depeche Mode put out a song called Where's The Revolution.  Yeah, where is it, and where's your song about it?  Billy Bragg? Billy Bragg never had any problems saying how he felt. What about DJs of certain Drum n Base and Grind?  Bit anti-establishment fuck the system and all that? Where's all the hard house, the techno DJs? Not really hearing anything from them. Where are all the outspoken rappers?  Public Enemy?  Hello?  Anything to say?  No, okay.  Ragga DJ Kaoris, anything to say about the scamdemic?  No, nothing.  You learn a lot by what people DON'T say. The people you thought were edgy and anti-establishment, have completely bent over and had their anal swab.

Never forget

Spring is on its way. The sound of children playing in the park expressing themselves the way Nature intended is one of the most natural sounds. Expression of human behaviour and the natural born right to freedom of contact with others is a sound that speaks to the evil psychopaths who are behind the scamdemic.  When the shit show kicked off a year ago one of the first things that was done was to cordon off children's play parks with tapes to prevent access. Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson has made another announcement to the nation giving them certain dates when they are permitted to do things.  Phase One the kids go back to school, Phase Two non-essential shops open. Who gets to decide which shops are essential? They are pretty fucking essential to the people who spent their lives building up these businesses and have done no harm.  They have the hubris and arrogance to think they have the authority to tell others when and under what conditions they can move around, see who they choose to see and have who they choose to have in their own homes. The very idea that anyone can dictate this to anyone else is an affront to the laws of creation.  So on 12th April pubs, cinemas and restaurants re-open.  That's the Monday after a two-week holiday when over Easter nowhere is open and there's nothing to do. Then, on that very day when the kids go back to school everywhere opens up again, then you can sit outside and have a meal, have a drink, go to a café.  The next phase on 17th of May you're "allowed" to have a meal and a drink indoors. Then from the 21st of June everything is said to re-open and all restrictions go. Ah-ha, 21st June! It's the Summer Solstice, a significant occult date.  If you study the dates that we've been given all the way since the start of the scamdemic, it's evident that they involve equinoxes, solstices, Halloween, important dates in the pagan old world calendar.  The date on which masks were first mandated for wearing on public transport in England last year was 15th June, which is the date in 1215 in which the Magna Carta addressing the English Constitution and the rights of living men and women within creation was signed into being.  On the anniversary of a date which recognises our inherent rights and freedom under God and creation they tell us we have to wear a bit of cloth over half our face.  They quote a certain figure in the UK of 66 million people, that's a lot of sixes, not a coincidence.  The two metre social distance rule is six feet.  Straight-up Satanists, they are betraying their true nature as dark occultists in what they do. Matt Hancock appears with Piers Morgan and the psychopathic abomination that he is, he's laughing when he says "we've given a vaccine to a guy called William Shakespeare". A blatant piss-take, they mock us to our faces, because they are telling you it's a play, it's a tragedy, and the most tragic thing of all is you ignorant bastards out there can't even see it for what it is. (Shakespeare wrote drama and look at the tragedies this vaccine so far is producing.) It's been morbid Satanic mockery all year, so confident in their most monumental and audacious of stunts, with the dancing nurses videos and telling us you've got to bend over and have an anal swab, they are symbolically letting you know they are sticking it to you up the arse.  They are psychologically torturing us - as they are not known for their trustworthiness, just because they give you these dates and say you can do such and such on whatever a date, doesn't mean they stick to it. They are liars and they could remake on those dates, they've done it before, they told the people of Britain you can have five days at Christmas to have friends and family round then went back on it and said you can only have one day now, "the virus is out of control". Even if they don't go back on their word, how dare they tell us who you can have in your own home so long as you're causing no harm?  The whole virus narrative is a big scam, this has been proven so many times and anyone who hasn't twigged yet is never going to. There aren't people still there who are yet to wake up, anyone who is going to wake up to the scam already has.  We who were awake and aware all along and a vast majority who have clearly woken up over the past several months are somewhere in the 10% mark. We're doing well compared to the way things used to be, it's a whole lot better than it's ever been before.  The rest, the majority who haven't twigged are still of the belief a deadly virus could jump out at you and go up your nostril and you're done for, but a bit of cloth over your face - sorted.  They are of the belief that the way out of it is by injecting themselves with an unknown substance.  They don't know who developed it or what it's going to do, but they have faith, they'll take it anyway, thinking that's the only way they can get back to normal.  They think the end is finally in sight, based on Boris Johnson's pie crust promises.  They think they can start going to dance festivals again in summer, go to rock concerts, barbecues and pub beer gardens. They will accept vaccine passports because they think that if that's what it takes to be able to go and dance in a field again they'll do that, they don't care. They are not getting outraged at the fact that a year of their life has been stolen, their freedom of movement and assembly stolen, and their freedom of bodily integrity will be, if they acquiesce.  All based on provable lies and the proof is out there in the public domain and always has been should these people exercise the due diligence and the CARE to actually look into these things.  

Those who have sought to take away our natural born freedoms, those traitors to humanity, to God, and to creation itself, those in the know directing these actions and their little pathetic bagmen, the lackeys, the Johnsons, the Whittys, and Hancock the most loathed and detested man in Britain, and their mouthpieces the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical companies' genocidal medical fraud, all of them, they must never be forgotten. And they must never be forgiven.  They need to take the full karmic consequence of what they've chosen to do.  Johnson and Co can't be allowed to just get away with it if this whole thing just fizzles out nor can they be allowed to continue on and come out with whatever other arbitrary dictates they fancy, they can't be allowed to come up with some other "mutant strain" when people feeling unwell from flu in the autumnal months or when they start falling sick from vaccines they took six months earlier and nobody makes those connections because it gets blamed on a new strain or some other unscientific bullshit like this zombie apocalypse scare that the CDC have officially announced and people are told they need to get more vaccines.  (According to some reports there's a three to four months' delay until the full detrimental effects of these injections will start to be felt.) These psychopaths are very predictable when you have been studying their modus operandi. They have committed genocide and the very worst crimes against humanity it is possible to commit. What they have done and the hardship, loss, damage (particularly psychological!) and death that their lies and straight evil has caused is immeasurable and cannot go unpunished. They must be held accountable. Speaking for the UK, a government safety review has revealed 244 people including 8 unborn babies have died (the true numbers like the VAERS data  are probably much higher) after getting one of the two shots of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford University's AstraZeneca Covid vaccines between early December 2020 when the Shakespearian tragedy began and 31st January 2021. Yet the government says the injections are not responsible, despite its own extensive report detailing over 100,000 side effects reported by medical staff. Specific reports show Bell's Palsy (paralysis of the facial muscles), anaphylaxis, blood disorders, cardiac disorders - 

ear disorders of vertigo and hearing loss, eye disorders of blurred vision, partial vision and blindness; immune system disorders, respiratory disorders of difficulty breathing, urinary disorders of incontinence, psychological disorders of confusion and anxiety, neurological disorders of seizures and paralysis and it's on the yellow card reporting on the governments own website?!  Pfizer gives its OWN warning.  They have to report it as "side effects" and deny it at the same time and say that it isn't linked to the injection.  This nurse lost her unborn child after getting the jab.

Not surprising if you've heard doctors explain how it does that, a protein attacks Chromosome 8 to do with intelligence and fertility. A whistle blower and lawyer reported those forcing this jab in this nursing home may wind up being charged for homicide. and here is a whistle blower from a UK care home speaking out

You can hear the truth on this mRNA nano lipid called a vaccine designed to genetically modify from Dr Carrie Madej and doctors from around the world ALL saying this is an experiment. is that number 6.6 million again - the report estimates 6.6 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine were administered by 31st January.  Piers Morgan is every bit as complicit as Boris Johnson, no difference, as those who have meekly complied to this agenda don't deserve forgiveness either, all the virtue signalling Covid zealots that not only went along with all the bullshit regulations but try to enforce them themselves, calling you out for not wearing a mask, they have no self-respect, never mind a total absence of understanding of what rights and freedoms are.  Their ignorance and cowardice has been affecting the rights and freedoms of the rest of us who do not consent, never did, and were never asked about having our rights removed. We choose to move around and associate with whoever we please and undertake whatever actions we see fit so long as they cause no harm.  We know the difference between right and wrong, we know what harm is, and what constitutes right action. We take personal responsibility not to commit harm in our actions.  When the government tells you your life can get back to normal again and you can drop these measures, these zealots who trusted the government before at the beginning of the restrictions, are going to be like "No, it's too soon, I don't feel safe, I'm keeping my mask on, I'm keeping my business shut down, I'm not going to have people round my house, I don't trust the government".   And then there's the normies who will be so relieved at getting back some of their rights and freedoms as they so want to get on with their life they will be prepared to forgive and forget.  No! Never forget, never forgive! In this collective situation, this is not the way to appreciate what rights and freedoms truly are and where they truly come from! They think that fundamental rights and freedoms in creation are arbitrary dictates coming from manmade entities called governments.  No, that's not where rights come from.  Real rights come from the Creator.  No government, no man, no woman, can give or take away rights nor dictate what any other man or woman must do with their lives so long as it's causing no harm, loss or damage to any other man or woman or living creature.  So few people realise that.  Any kind of karmic justice in existence (and there is), traitors to the land, traitors to the people, traitors to God, would all be swinging from gallows.  That's the way it used to be.  If it weren't so, then it would all be a sick cosmic joke if God the Creator, All That Is, had guided us to incarnate on earth at this crucial time in its history.  We, with a relatively small number of others who were given the ability and the wisdom to see through these deceptions even though the vast majority will refuse to do the same,  God would NOT have said to us that there would not be a single thing that you can do with those gifts we have been given to just leave us frustrated, depressed and helpless in the face of the mass insanity you see around you, for our lives to just be extremely miserable as a result. That just doesn't fly, doesn't make sense.  No, we came here to take the matrix down.  On Saturday 20th March 2021 it is World Freedom Day.  Mass global protests in the street are happening in the capital cities of: England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Serbia, Latvia, Ukraine and Israel -  A movement known as "A Stand In The Park" began in 2020 in a park in Sydney, Australia, where a small cluster of likeminded people met every week on Sunday in the same place at the same for fellowship, friendship, camaraderie and networking and to take a stand. That idea from that park spread, and now thousands gather all over Australia.  The very same idea has been taken to other nations as well.  In the UK there is also a Stand In The Park in St Albans and it has taken off. Now there are other ones happening around the UK in: Cornwall, Boscawen Park in Truro,  Essex Coalhouse Fall Park in East Tilbury, Hertfordshire, Veralamien Park in St Albans by the lake, in Cheshire there's Victoria Park in Widnes, and West Park in Macclesfield, in Devon, Rock Park in Basterpall, in Bedfordshire there's  Russell Park in Bedford, and in Wales it's Merth and Tidfill and Sifartha Castle Park.  Anyone can set up a Stand In The Park in their own area, all they have to do is select a location. The meet-ups are between 10 and 11 am every Sunday, to get together and support each other and formulate plans for action and effective methods of resistance. People are encouraged to wear yellow to indicate that they are part of that group.  In the event of any internet/communications black-out you know there are always going to be likeminded friends in that park at that time, people you can communicate with in person - face to face contact!

Unmasking the mask

The blue masks have been found to have a GPS tracking device in them, when the mask is ripped apart little particles were found inside

Democrats lost in their impeachment stunt

In the second attempt at impeachment, President Trump was acquitted by the Senate. The vote was 57-43, with 67 needed to convict. Seven republicans voted with the democrats.  Trump's legal defence team presented the evidence showing exactly how the House managers had selectively edited Trump's words in the video to do with the MAGA rally in order to contrive evidence, they removed sections of the video that prove that Trump was all about peace. They proved that the House demon rats were re-tweeting his Tweets after they had doctored them, the Tweets were not screen shots but their re-creation of a Tweet, proving beyond all doubt that President Trump NEVER incited violence.  

With such strong evidence presented by the Trump legal defence team it was a very clear acquittal for him.  Impeachment Round Number Two: failed!