Babylon Is Falling

You are a multi-dimensional entity. The most powerful state to be in to transform your life and get what you want is intent. Not just words but feeling it. For instance “I want to become….”, “I want to use that to make the world a nicer more compassionate place”… put out your intent and mean it. That intent is going to lock on to information fields of a matching frequency through a process of vibrational magnetism, in the forms of people, places, jobs, experiences and circumstances and draw them towards you. Many people fall into fear and panic. They went against the grain and suddenly their lives are falling apart. You can’t change and have things remain the same. If you speak your truth and you lose your job because of it, it seems like a disaster at first. There is upheaval. The old life has to crumble away because you are no longer on the frequency field you were on before. The old frequency has run its course. If you’ll just hang in there in that space, the process of pulling other things towards you starts to happen. Your new intent is syncing to a different vibrational construct and other things come in that need to be put into place to manifest the change. And then something else comes along. Your heart knows it will be for your higher good, health wise or financially.

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Monkey Business


Chimpanzee adenovirus. 😳😳😳  People willingly injected themselves with jabs and they had no clue what was inside of them.   Now looking at the ingredients list, it has the monkey pox listed as one the ingredients.  Monkey pox has been planned like the Corona virus - pdf file here

The electric car


This is why they want you to have electric cars. 

This is what firefighters fear when it comes to electric cars: a battery of an electric scooter exploded while charging. 

  Always do the exact opposite of what is being promoted to the masses. 

How to stay out of the digital ID and social credit system

In Arizona they are not far away from implementation of the social credit system and there digital ID is already in place, Arizona is the first state to support digital driver's licenses in Apple Wallet on iPhone that aim to replace cash, credit cards, loyalty cards and IDs with digital equivalents on the iPhone app.  The digital ID feature is another step in Apple's long-term strategy to replace credit cards, cash, loyalty cards and IDs with digital equivalents on the iPhone app.  Never set up these payment systems Apple Pay or Google Pay    Be careful with your Apple devices, the newer models have very sophisticated tracking, monitoring,  wiretapping and spying technologies that they don't disclose to their customers.  This family is learning Apple Air Tag feature is tracking their teen around Disney world -  They need people's compliance for these systems to work.  Don't join them, and don't update your software either.  Stay on the oldest system as possible, it offers more privacy than these new updates. 

Pfizer is done!


Pfizer went from making billions to now being D-listed and worthless.   Just like that.  Read here.   Pfizer could also lose liability protection and be sued if the deaths they have caused are proven as wilful.  Thomas Renz said: "I don't know how much more wilful you can get than sending the FDA a document that says there's a 3% mortality rate and a huge, huge percentage of people with adverse reactions." 4,000 women have lost their babies because of MODERNA'S lies claiming that the jabs are safe and effective.  This is wilful misconduct setting the stage for class action lawsuits.  Stocks for MODERNA have also taken a massive nosedive as well.  MODERNA'S stock value is going to be worthless by the end of this year.

A group of scientists and microscopy experts have vindicated Dr. Bryan Ardis and his concerns about Pfizer's COVID jab being directly related to snake venom.  They say that undiluted Pfizer vials reveal snake venom gland organoides and the blood of those injected has been showing echinocytosis all along. The scientists confirmed that other tests revealed that this is King Cobra snake venom organoid material.  More evidence is coming forward corroborating with Dr. Bryan Ardis's findings.  A Codon usage analysis shows kraits and king cobras share the greatest genetic similarities with SARS-CoV-2… were venom peptides engineered into the virus payload?

Say Bye Bye to Crypto

Say Adios to crypto.  They will ban unregulated cryptos to get rid of the competition like what happened in China   
Biden signs executive order on digital assets   They made it easy for people to relocate their money to crypto.  Once people make the switch from fiat to crypto, now all of a sudden they want to change regulations and "regulate" it.  G7 are to discuss crypto-asset regulation, says French central banker - "The regulation of crypto-assets is likely to be discussed at a meeting of Group of Seven finance chiefs in Germany" -  Portugal was promoting its tax-free status for crypto investors luring all these people in.  Now, they will change their tax laws to tax all these people:

On Joe Rogan's podcast Maajid Nawaz was discussing digital currency and sounded the alarm that cryptocurrency is the cabal's currency for total control.  People think it will bring them more freedom when in fact it's the opposite, it is created for the masses to adopt the digital currency platform before they roll out Central Bank Digital Currencies.  All those people who doubted this is a scam, it is now coming to fruition. 

Two major coins in the crypto world, Terra and Luna, have plunged more than 90% in value overnight!  No sound investor would invest into currencies that can potentially lose 90% of its value overnight.  Only gamblers invest in crypto and call it “investment.”  
Another vulnerability with investing in crypto is having your cryptos stolen in exchanges!  In a major crypto heist, hackers stole over $600 million from a digital ledger used by players of the popular online game Axie Infinity -  The cabal donated millions in crypto for Ukraine, and now Ukraine has to legalise crypto to turn it into Fiat

If you are into crypto, don't use Coinbase.  They are with the World Economic Forum (look up all the complaints the customers have filed against them).  Coinbase users in Canada will soon be required to report the details of recipients who receive large transactions, according to a notice.  Coinbase is to monitor all Canadian transactions that are above 1,000 CAD.   In fact Coinbase is  to slow hiring amid the plunge in crypto currencies and tech stocks;  Coinbase told staff it would slow hiring and re-evaluate its headcount, reversing earlier plans to triple its workforce in 2022 -   Coinbase is failing, now Binance.  Binance users having difficulties withdrawing money from their bank accounts.  It's easy to get into crypto, it's not so easy to get out when you want to.  Most of these exchanges are scammers, even the largest ones -

On the 15th May 2022, Miles revealed on Gettr livestream that Changpeng Zhao embezzled 67% of Binance’s company fund to invest in NFT and Bitcoin, and now it is very difficult for Binance users.  How are these people going to get their money out?  As for Bitcoin, that is a creation of NSA/CIA.  Here is more proof to corroborate that.

Say Hello to a new currency called Rainbow.  Apparently this new currency is tracked and connected to the Quantum Financial System, according Echo

The jabbing is under criminal investigation

Mark Sexton an ex police officer in the UK has been reporting the jab death crimes to all police forces up and down the country.  His update on 2nd January 2022 confirmed that chief constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are now aware of the live criminal complaint/investigation with the Metropolitan Police, the allocated crime number and the ICC application to The Hague.  They were all emailed on the 23rd December 2021 (some of them are acknowledging) and Sadiq Khan the Mayor and Police Crime Commissioner for London was emailed on 27th December and made aware.  There is now no excuse for the police from any force or the Mayor of London to ignore our calls to stop the vaccination programme as this is a matter of urgency.  This is being made public to assist and encourage all of the victims who want to make criminal complaints to come forward and do so.  This information can be provided to the police as supporting proof of a live criminal investigation taking place by the Metropolitan Police.  The police and the Mayor are public servants and they have a duty of care to protect us from harm, injury death and loss.  Let's make sure they are contacted and reminded and please demand the vaccination program is stopped immediately.

Next update from Mark:  On 5th January Mark submitted 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith CID.  Two excellent detectives accepted and signed for the paperwork.  They confirmed the crime report is now significant and very lengthy.  A number of other world experts added their details and support and they too were acknowledged by the Metropolitan Police.  Mark Steele provided a massive amount of evidence about the damage the jab is causing.  The Superintendent acknowledged Mark's submission.  Philip Hyland, Lois Bayliss, Dr Sam White and others are working around the clock providing evidence, statements and support.  Another demand was made to stop the jabbing program immediately, this was added to the crime report.  Sadiq Khan did not reply to the emails or return Mark Sexton's team's phone calls as promised.  Due to the amount of evidence and allegations this is going to be a huge lengthy investigation.  Michael O'Bernicia and his team have added their weight and support to it, the evidence they possess is vast and significant with regards to the midazolam and the deaths/murders attributed to this drug.  Michael emailed the Met directly outlining the evidence they have.  Allegations have been made of the most serious crimes by a number of named government ministers, civil servants and bosses of the UK news networks.  The crimes cited are:  

1.  malfeasance in public office  2. misconduct in public office  3. conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm  4. conspiracy to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death  5. gross negligence manslaughter  6. corporate manslaughter   7. corruption  8. fraud  9. blackmail  10. murder  11. conspiracy to commit murder  12. terrorism  13. genocide  14. torture  15. crimes against humanity   16.  false imprisonment   17. multiple breaches of our human rights  18. war crimes  19. multiple breaches of the Nuremburg Code 1947  20. multiple breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998.  Treason will also be added.  

We must get this criminal investigation into the public domain as soon as possible, we need to put pressure on the police to stop the jab and arrest those responsible and we need to be emailing the BBC and Sky News in the thousands to force them to air this to the masses, quoting Crime Number 6029679/21 and the International Criminal Court reference number OTP-CR-473/21, to: and  The BBC have a What'sApp telephone number, it is 07756 165803.

The next update from Mark:  On 13th January 2022 at 13.00 hours  Mark hand delivered 115 signed statements  that were prepared by Lois Bayliss and her team to detective Tobias Hussey at Hammersmith CID at 11.00 hours.  These are: 103 statements from those who have been vax damaged and relatives of those who have died, and 12 statements from identifiable NHS whistle blowers. Some of this evidence is deeply disturbing.  And Mark provided the detective with a brilliant forensic report produced by Craig Paardekooper, detailing the vials and their levels of toxicity.  His assertions and those of Mark's team prove pre-meditated murder. This information was made public by Wolfgang Wodarg in an interview with Reiner Fuellmich.  Mark has also stated that Dr Mike Yeadon and Dr Bhakti are to be contacted immediately in order for them to provide their expert accounts, and to discuss how best the police can receive and document their evidence. The other credible experts must be contacted immediately.  This additional evidence proves the need to stop the jabs without delay, demanding they close down all vaccination centres and seize all vials as evidence; Mark reiterates that the public are demanding and expecting the police to do this straight away, further adding if the police fail to protect the public from harm, the public will be forced to do this and it is proper and lawful to do so using “Section 3 of The criminal Law Act 1967.”   It was made clear there are now a significant number of people across the country ready to close these centres if the police do not!  Many more statements are being obtained and it is and only right that the police now take these statements with this being a major criminal investigation.   It was demanded as a matter of urgency that the Metropolitan Police alert the public of the dangers of the jabs.  The superintendent stated he'd be guided by his supervisors when he met with them later that afternoon to discuss this further evidence.  It was made clear the evidence is now so overwhelming that they have no choice.  Hammersmith CID are overwhelmed and he confirmed there is a massive amount of information coming in and a huge amount of contact by email and phone. This was also confirmed by the Detective Sergeant in an email to Dr Stephen Frost. There are more officers now involved.  We keep the pressure on and ultimately with the amount of irrefutable evidence of harm, injury and death they have no excuse and must stop the jabbing.  If they don’t, in law, we can.  And we will.   Act 1967, Section 3, states: "(1) A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large."

Satan burns

The entire region of Denver Colorado is a hub for satanic  temples of the satanic community.  Into the new year pictures have surfaced of a lot of houses being incinerated. These look nothing like natural fires, more like directed energy weapons.  If a natural fire occurred, trees around the area would be burnt.  This looks like an attack on the cabal, most likely from the Alliance because the regions of Denver and Boulder especially are very highly active with satanic activity.  In some states in the US, Birmingham Alabama for example, they experienced record highs of 80 degrees Fahrenheit on New Years Day which is really strange, and then 35 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday a sharp temperature drop which isn't normal.  Washington DC had to declare a snow emergency on Monday. 


Flights had been grounded, 7,200 domestic flights were cancelled in the United States.  There are reports of strange weather patterns in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and in Europe there has been lot of fog, in Portugal it has been constantly rainy cloudy and foggy for weeks upon weeks in a region where it's very unusual to have weather like this.  In California people are reporting they are getting constant weird weather.  Maybe, maybe, the Alliance are using weather weapons technology to make sure people are grounded?  Because they can't do another lockdown on the population, the people won't be able to handle it, so they could be using weather manipulation to make sure flights are grounded and transportation is halted to make it easier for them to do their mass arrests in the disguise of natural disasters, because transportation is stopped and people are stuck at home especially when the weather is always cloudy and rainy.   Masonic lodges are being destroyed.  In Zanesville, Ohio, a Masonic lodge set fire.  In Dublin, Ireland, another Masonic lodge has been burnt.  The cabal are being attacked on so many levels.  It's taken a lot or them to receive their karma but it's finally catching up with them.