Babylon Is Falling

You are a multi-dimensional entity. The most powerful state to be in to transform your life and get what you want is intent. Not just words but feeling it. For instance “I want to become….”, “I want to use that to make the world a nicer more compassionate place”… put out your intent and mean it. That intent is going to lock on to information fields of a matching frequency through a process of vibrational magnetism, in the forms of people, places, jobs, experiences and circumstances and draw them towards you. Many people fall into fear and panic. They went against the grain and suddenly their lives are falling apart. You can’t change and have things remain the same. If you speak your truth and you lose your job because of it, it seems like a disaster at first. There is upheaval. The old life has to crumble away because you are no longer on the frequency field you were on before. The old frequency has run its course. If you’ll just hang in there in that space, the process of pulling other things towards you starts to happen. Your new intent is syncing to a different vibrational construct and other things come in that need to be put into place to manifest the change. And then something else comes along. Your heart knows it will be for your higher good, health wise or financially.

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Medical Freedom Bill

The Medical Freedom Bill is a piece of legislation that we wish the government in the UK to pass and which Save Our Rights UK, a grass roots organisation founded in April 2020, are campaigning for.  This Bill would make it illegal to impose any kind of vaccine passport or Covid status certificate.  It would prevent ANY mandating of ANY medical procedure or coercion to partake in a medical procedure by withdrawing rights freedoms and services and it would prevent any discrimination against anyone on the basis that they refuse to take part in a medical procedure, issues which the government has been going back and forth on for months despite many international laws outlawing what they are proposing.  Thus far this has been a hugely successful campaign.  Nearly MP knows about the Medical Freedom Bill as they have reached nearly every MP.  Tens of thousands of people have taken part in the campaign.  The organisation seeks to raise some money for pay for this like leafleting, billboards and ads so more people can spread the word and join the cause. Support so far for the Medical Freedom Bill has been gathering momentum. Over 30,000 have lobbied senior politicians via their website and more than 10,000 have expressed their concerns on a government consultation.  This message needs to be taken to the masses via a nationwide advertising campaign.  Will you help the organisation to raise enough money to spread the message through billboards, flyers and social media ads?

Twitter getting sued

Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter is about to be summoned in the United States District Court with a federal lawsuit that has been filed against him by  Dr Shiva Ayyadurai on 7th April.  When Dr Ayyadurai had been thrown off Twitter and the actions of Big Tech were are violating the First Amendment and exposing themselves to be government agencies, the lawsuit concluded it was impossible to know where Twitter ends and the government begins.  So on 25th March a federal judged ordered that Twitter be included as a defendant in this First Amendment lawsuit and the summons went out to Jack Dorsey on 7th April 2021.  This is a massive victory. 

April Fool's Day News

The Australian News media channel, Channel 9, has been attacked for the second time.  It happened on the 1st April.  The Alliance did it, to take over their live feed. 😊  Not an easy feat to accomplish as it takes time and skills, mainstream media is the cabal's largest weapon that has infiltrated every country.  All the staff members were told to go home.  There was no interference from the cabal.  UPDATE: Something is up with Channel 9 again!

How to deal with Morgellons


Good reasons to stay away from the cabal's fast food chains.  Photos of foods taken at 200x magnification under forensic microscopy investigation have shown fibres of unknown origin. In McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Morgellon's fibres have been found. These McNuggets were purchased back in 2013 on 15th August from a McDonald's in Austin, Texas.  There is a report of it here and it was covered by Infowars and thousands of other websites.  Morgellon's fibres (electric microbial hairs) and nano smart dust are on the Covid test swabs and Morgellons (seen under a microscope) are present in the masks as well.  This was found in a new mask bought in a pharmacy, checked with app Magnifier Plus.

These microscopic things you can't see - a genuinely deadly pandemic you would see, it doesn't require 24/7 advertising and marketing campaigns and endless propaganda to remind you it exists...but, psychological operations DO.  Morgellon's are not caused by Lyme's Disease, that is misinformation; developing lethargy fatigue and joint pain of Lyme's is a symptom of Morgellon's. Take good quality colloidal silver for Lyme's.  Morgellon's fibres are not organic, they don't have cells, organelles or any natural components of a living cell, no nucleus, no mitochondria etc.  They are self-replicating AI cyborgs that use your own bioelectricity.

They prefer an acidic environment.  Synopsis of Morgellon's fibres.  By receiving EMFs they can thrive in all orifices and any organ, skin, fluids, anywhere, they stick to everything so a threat to animals and plants too and control the host's mood.  They thrive in a wireless technology environment, they are attracted to electricity - televisions, computers, phone, and carpets and fabrics because they hold static electricity.   How to destroy Morgellon's and prevent it from replicating by making your environment and inhospitable for its living conditions:  disconnect from your mobile devices as often as you can.  You can buy Omnia anti-radiation sticker patches that you stick on to your devices, these will keep your auric field strong.  You can use a Rife frequency machine also. First you have to clean up your living area, disinfect all your surfaces, and mop the floor with Borax and/or vinegar, and for the sofa, bedding and plastic covers one or two cups of Borax or Oxyclean washing soda.  Do not use a tumble dryer or any kind of dryer - heat and static electricity make nano fibres stronger.  Air dry all your washing in UV light.  To bathe yourself, take a bath with two cups of Epsom salts or sea salt and one cup of turmeric powder added to the water.  Add alfalfa powder, tea tree oil and mint oil and also add these to the shampoo to wash your hair, wrap your hair and let it soak in for twenty minutes.  When the nano fibres leave the body and go out into the water, DO NOT LET IT GO DOWN THE DRAIN where it goes into the sewer system and to the rivers and ocean to infect marine life and fish.  Instead, get some cling wrap and collect it in there and then burn it. As for your body, it does not like it when it is neutral or alkaline.  Drink apple cider vinegar to raise the pH level in your body (and help with B12 absorption).  Avoid consuming dairy, meat, alcohol, coffee and refined sugars, all acidic.  Morgellon's love glycophate which is in GMO food and McDonalds. Do not eat GMO food. Boron will be very beneficial, foods high in boron are cherries, artichokes, berries, beans, onions, pecans, walnuts and figs.  Eat iodine, potassium iodide, C60, olive oil, and turmeric. Coriander (cilantro) is good at purging heavy metals, and Demetrius earth is good to both ingest and spray on surfaces and furnishings in your living area.  You don't have to buy all of these products.  Get the ones that you can afford.  Continue with this protocol indefinitely or at least until this whole saga ends.

Snopes is CIA

Do not rely on Snopes dot com, the so-called 'fact checker'.  Snopes has been exposed as CIA - confirmed.  It’s a major disinformation website that the CIA put up to discredit the truth, to keep the unawakened uninformed and steer researchers who are trying to verify facts off path.  Everything Snopes 'fact-checks' as false information means that you have to believe the opposite.  The opposite is true.

You CAN fight City Hall

They who control City Hall fear three things: 1) You being awake 2) You unite 3) They are deadly afraid of mutiny.

Pizza Express

A way to take back power is for businesses to sue these gatekeepers.  The proprietor of Pizza Express is bringing a legal case against UK's health secretary Matt Hancock.   Update:  Matt Hancock has been summoned today, Tuesday 6th April 2021, to the High Court to answer to the case that's been brought against him by Pizza Express.... and a lawsuit brought against him by a nightclub mogul!  They are questioning him as to why it is that on the Monday of 12th April non-essential shops are being 'allowed' to open yet hospitality venues like restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, cinemas, bowling allies, have to wait until 17th May before they are 'permitted to open.

Witty Expression

Now Chris Witty in the UK government has come out and said that the Coronavirus is nothing more than flu but that's to cover their arses because the evil geniuses already published that on the UK government's website on 19th March 2020 just before they imposed the first lockdown.  There is, was, no pandemic.  It was man-made because you can't patent a natural germ, well they already held the patent.  They are never going to make and release a virus that deadly that hasn't got a cure they could take themselves because they and their family are susceptible too and could die themselves.  There WERE always cures, existing medications that they would have had stashed at home ready. There was  hydroxychloroquine, which cures it.  They have lied about that to try to push a deadly mRNA substance under the guise of a vaccine.

The case of the Bernician

Before Witty did that U-turn on Covid saying we have to "learn to live with it as we did the flu" and we should just continue our lives, the Bernician (Michael O'Bernicia) had been going after him and the others in the UK government with a serious lawsuit privately prosecuting them for this scam under Common Law - on the grounds of fraud and treason.  A Notice had been laid on Matt Hancock, Whitty, Valance and Ferguson at 16.23 on Friday 19th March 2021.  So Boris Johnson is cautiously saying things will open up again in the following weeks.

Cop Out

A UK cop with twenty years service fed up with the whole system of being used and abused is quitting the force.  His open letter received 300,000 views.  He is seeing the deception for what it is.  A lot of retired police and military are watching and getting in touch with truthers who are broadcasting this information; it is important that they get in touch with the men and women who are still actively in the force that need to be awakened and get them to listen to us too, for they need to hear it.  They are selling their souls to be used and thrown away by the cabal Satanists to do their dirty work, all for a paycheque.  By continuing to work in this slave job violating people's free will, beating innocent people with batons, they have no idea of the scale of karma and spiritual damage they are incurring for themselves. In the end it's them that are going to have to repay the karma, not the cabal.  The cabal give the orders but do not incur the karma, because they are not physically doing the attacks.  They also have a portion of karmic debt to repay but it's not as severe as that of the one carrying out the action bringing the offences into physical manifestation.  Nobody is above God's law or spiritual law, whether they are ignorant of it or not, or believe in it or not, doesn't matter it affects them.  "I'm just doing my job" doesn't bail them out of the spiritual repercussions which come around full circle and amplified. In the end they themselves will become victims, in some shape or form.  You can share this message with people that work in law enforcement. They need to hear it the most.

Cutting ties

This smart child shows how to get out of cable ties imposed by police using her shoe lacesDismantling the cabal and fighting back.

California: Shopping, and Shasta County

In California it took twenty two police officers, two hours of stand-offs, and fifteen people not backing down, just to to get in a store to shop mask free. Civil disobedience, not obeying anymore, not being aggressive just being very smart, authoritative, and not backing down. Challenging their authority, challenging their official narrative, going after them with the law, with lawsuits, using their own laws against them. It is your obedience that is prolonging this nightmare. Their worst nightmare is united non-compliant people who see through all their tactics and deception.  They are extremely afraid of rebels.  And taking their fredom back in Shasta County - this is powerful!

Chris Sky

Chris Sky the activist battling quarantine in Toronto was harassed by thirty cops on his property. He videotaped the entire intense encounter for his audience to witness what was going down, while shouting out for help for people to call 911 and to call his lawyer for help.  He didn't leave the car.

Even though he was afraid he showed massive fortitude and kept on fighting for his rights and showed them he wasn't going to back down. Chris Sky used the Constitution and Charter of Rights which they are violating along with their oaths -  this is what the people need to do.  Once he hits them with a lawsuit they know they are done for. But what saved him here was not the fact that his lawyer was coming, what saved him was that he live-streamed everything on Instagram - live.  That's why the cops didn't come inside and beat him up and arrest him because it was being witnessed by thousands of people AROUND THE WORLD!  This was his saving grace.  Because this strategy is effective, Facebook removed his What Sapp account and disabled his Instagram account where he had all his power and influence that deterred the cops from touching him. Telegram, the new conscious app (there is going to be new social media platform created for free speech, the Alliance's own) is the only safe back-up account for us to grow our audience.  You MUST build your community on Telegram. That's where you'll find Chris showing a document telling why the cops targeted himHe's showing people the way, how you can revolt NOT by violence but by being smart, fearless, and using the law against them.  It does not require a huge amount of awakened and united people to cause mutiny.  Imagine if there were three hundred people like Chris Sky that are fearless, brazen and powerful like this, the entire scamdemic in Toronto would be over by now because it took thirty cops to try to arrest him and it did not succeed. Imagine if there was an army of thirty hundred of Chris Sky.  This is how you're going to cause a massive disruption in this matrix.

Belgium and Finland

Snippets in the media that we weren't seeing a month ago have come out that Belgium and Finland have legal cases against them telling them they have got to end lockdowns. Awakened and organised people in a League for Human Rights filed a class action lawsuit, a Belgian court ruled that the Belgian government must lift all the Covid measures and the Judge sided with them, because the restrictions are not based on true science, the evidence is slim to none and so there is no legal basis for them.  They ordered the Belgian that they need to produce some type of evidence for why these measures need to continue, and to provide it within thirty days, or else they will be faced with very high daily penalty fees.  We need more countries doing the same action that Belgium did.

Storming the parliament in Serbia

Result: no more curfews. It's as simple as that.

Get out of my church!

This Polish pastor in Canada knows he has God on his side.  When cops tried to intimidate him intruding on his Passover service, he commanded: "Get out, you psychopaths!"  Forwarded from a group called Police Frequency.

How dare they!

Parents defend their children in the park
In Canada Children were playing in the park with their parents and the thugs in uniform come and film them. Parents band together and tell them Get out of here!

I'm not doing this anymore
What's the point in urging everyone to get a vaccine so that "things can get back to normal", so they get it because they are told can have their freedoms back when they get that, then they are told we need more lockdowns, you still need to wear masks and do the unsocial distancing, and the News discourage you from  air travel even if you are vaccinated. What this is showing right now is that people will just do absolutely everything they are told. When they realise this was just a flu and they've been had, they will get angry enough about it and eventually say "No, I'm not doing this anymore", then the governments will crumble.  This is forcing people to start standing up for themselves, showing people that they can't have their freedoms until they start saying "I'm not doing this anymore". This puts people in a position where their consciousness is high enough to accept the new system we are moving into. The consciousness of most of the world is not high enough yet to accept this new system.  It has delayed our progress. Because moving into the timeline where new frameworks await us we won't have governments telling us what to do anymore.  Moving from Maritime Law to Common Law, there are none of those governmental structures set up in the way they are currently set up.  The city hall wall falls.  People WILL have to learn to be sovereign and stand on their own two feet. They will have to make decisions for themselves as adults, and take charge... or this will happen all over again in another fifty years with the control system coming back.  They cannot abstain from personal responsibility and do what they are told by doctor, their government, their employer, and take a toxic injection just because their boss says they have to have it.

You. Can. Fight. City. Hall.   Yes

Leave the kids alone

This is absolutely sickening and cruel psychological damage and nobody should be sending their kids to these schools and allowing this to happen to them