Babylon Is Falling

The true force for change is within the 'ordinary' people who outnumber people in positions of authority who are only controlling through fear and divide and conquer, and do it covertly. Peacefully say 'No'. Turn outrage into action and do it now, push back the door to freedom slamming behind you, a consequence only brought about by doing nothing. Let's unite and stop suppressing ourselves and each other, spread the word and do what we know to be right. That is more powerful than the fear of the consequences. Consequences will fall away. Holding on to illusory beliefs is as futile as trying to stay standing in a turbulent stream. Allow yourself to go where this is taking you. Always remember that what you fear you create. You can reverse a tide and create a joyful reality. Follow your intuition and know... life is not supposed to be hard; that has been one of the biggest controlling myths for aeons, put out by the same forces that led you to think you need them to make life easier.

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Get it right about Icke!

They first laugh at you. Then they ignore you. Then they condemn you, like now. Then you win! It was Arthur Schopenhauer who said: 'All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.' David Icke's ridicule in 1991 on the Wogan Show and in the media was relentless. He was written off as ‘finished’, a dead man lying on the ground. And they paid him no attention for the last two decades.  In the last three weeks of my writing this however, they haven’t ignored him. Alarmed at the massive breakthrough he is making in getting the world to look at suppressed information, it has triggered the panic button. They realise the corpse never died and should have been finished off; David has no fear of that which makes it worse for them. They had to act and acknowledge David’s existence once again thus they have come back on the scene. David was not forced by his ‘wild’ claims to flee the spotlight as the Daily Mail claims, because David didn’t flee the spotlight, the spotlight fled him. They have to use another way to discredit other than call him a fruitcake - they have done that before. This time they have to say that either the people going to see David are as mad as he is or he’s conning them of their money. It’s got to be one of those two stories because the fact that people are going to see him because they see validity in his information is something they have to erase. They hone in on the money he is making which is all ludicrous as I’ll explain. Other researchers are being targeted too. This now is the start of a sudden spate of mockery and ad hominem conspiracy hit pieces in the mainstream media that are becoming more and more frequent. This is not a coincidence. In the run before David’s turn here were two other people chewed and spat out by the mainstream media recently. They have shown an interest this year in Ian R Crane, a researcher on deep geo-politics who was the executive of an oil company, because he was talking about the Olympics and some very pressing issues. This article was published on 8 August 2011 and is titled “World’s Powers Will Fake Alien Invasion at the Olympics closing ceremony to keep us living in fear” - Ian had done a speech at the Exopolitics conference at Leeds University and The Sun entered the auditorium and listened. They asked him for an interview and he agreed. Ian knew what to expect but didn’t care, saying: "I think it will be the perfect setting for a 'false flag' invasion, in other words the event will be made to look like an extra-terrestrial invasion but in fact it will be a deception and really the work of the world's governments, to keep us all living in fear. I don't care if people call me a nutter, I hope that by spreading the word about what's going to happen I can help save thousands of lives." (He was talking about the 2012 Olympics.) If enough people know about it in advance then the attack will not be carried out. I'm simply sowing the seed in the mind of the public." This is getting so much attention the media had to put it in the public domain and debunk it. Carol Rosin was warning everyone about a fake alien invasion and it was predicted by Werner Von Braun in 1977 because he had seen the plan laid out in detail. But here's Ian being interviewed later by Liz Green on BBC Radio Leeds -
Liz starts off saying ‘we were intrigued as that’s how they draw you in. Ian ignored her silly patronising rhetoric which bounced off him as he got on with what he had to do. He gave documentary evidence. ‘And who’s written this document?’ She asked scathingly. He had names and answers so at the end she joked ‘You made it up didn’t you?’ The information is in the public domain for anyone who wants to look it up, he asserted, so she could only repeat the joke again. She said ‘I hope you’re not on medication or drinking’. ‘Are you?’ he quipped. When she tried to goad him and he told her to take a look at his DVD, she brought it back to money and retorted “And how much is that?” And then she cut it dead. She clearly didn't want Ian to beat her and had every intention of making him sound like a nutter. The BBC Breakfast Time Show did an interview with a debunker on the subject of the Expo. The presenter claimed that conference speaker and researcher Richard Dolan (an American historian who was at Exopol 2011 conference where Ian was) had been invited to be interviewed but had failed to turn up. The fact is, he had been invited, but the invitation had been withdrawn by the BBC. The other guy who was swooped on by the The Sun, followed by the Wales on Sunday very shortly afterwards, is Ben. A reporter from The Sun approached Ben when he was at the 2011 Weird conference in Swindon. He did not do a speech there. He has never spoken at a conference so they must know him from his blog and YouTube videos. But they produced this article: The article is headed: “We’ll be flying at 35,000 feet... and controlling your mind with chemicals in our vapour trail” and embraces the whole conference and other attendees and speakers. It has a picture of chemtrails being sprayed from an aircraft and was published on 21st September 2011. They approached several others for an interview as well as Ben. The Press had gone into that conference room fishing around to get the trust of the attendees  by appearing interested in their views, so they may be tempted to assume there’s a chance they may be taken seriously so the Press could later bodge up what they said not by changing the words but the mood. It was a puerile resume of Ben’s life which said he is “so fearful he set up an organisation”. He doesn't have an organisation, that is his blog and YouTube channel. The Wales on Sunday followed up with this childish article ( titled “Conspiracy theorist says he’s stuck in the Matrix”, and referred to Ben as having a ‘professional’ organisation dedicated to ‘peddling’ his ideas.
It isn’t a professional organisation, it isn’t a business. It is the blog that he writes.  Wouldn’t ‘peddling’ mean ‘flogging’? He doesn’t get paid for it. You don’t make money writing blogs. He isn't selling things that came off the back of a lorry. He didn’t set the blog up in 1997.  He set it up in 2007.  They are out by ten years. The ‘organisation’ is the catchphrase that inspired the blog. They mix up ‘members’ of his blog/organisation with his ‘line of work’ – “not all members are in his line of work”. It isn’t a line of work. It was not his paid job. They did not mention what his real paid job was even though he told them, which is nothing to do with research. In his spare time, when NOT at work and unpaid, he is a researcher and writes and makes films about what he uncovers on his free blog. Both papers made an issue because he doesn’t want to talk about his age, doing it within the same sentence as talking about 9/11. Wales on Sunday say: ‘Ben refuses to give his age since he founded the Ageless Movement believing one’s age is oppressive’. The 'Ageless Movement' isn’t a literal movement and Ben didn’t start one, it’s a figure of speech he uses. And lastly, the Irish Independent did a brief article - They’re keeping tabs on these conferences. A week after the Exopolitics conference was the Weird 11 conference. They write: “Well, this week saw the Weird 11 conference, a collection of conspiracy nuts in Swindon”. They mention Ben here as being the ‘organiser’. He wasn’t. He went to that conference but he didn’t organise it. That is a COMPLETE misrepresentation. Here again they say Ben’s a member of The Ageless Movement but get it partly wrong: ...’refuses to reveal his name’ instead of age, and again the irrelevant matter of someone’s age is addressed in the same breath as 9/11. And again they pegged him as being the founding member of his blog name, Hospital Porters Against The New World Order (HPANWO) which isn’t an organisation. Like David, they make a mockery of someone’s uniqueness: ‘Traffic Wardens Against The Illuminati’ and ‘Park Keepers Against The Bilderbergs’. And they called him ‘retarded’ and ‘very stupid’. Look at the scale of ridicule that David Icke went through all those years ago, it was merciless. David has said that he couldn’t have a thicker skin after all he’s endured in the last 22 years. I’m glad he got a thick skin because then all of this isn’t hurting him. I propose getting one. He doesn’t even have a thick skin anymore because it doesn’t even touch the sides it just goes straight through and out the other side. The mass derision he endured was like a metamorphosis that cast off the crust of the prison most people live in which is the dread of what others think. If you’re up against all this it would hold you back. It was horrible at the time yet he had to go through it for a lot has come as the result, for he is not doing what he is doing today in spite of it but because of it. The fire hardens the steel. Families in the street literally pointing and sniggering at you, can either destroy you for life and you disappear somewhere, which the newspapers like to make out is what happened to David; or, you emerge free to be you, living your own life, in your power, speaking your truth without having to edit it to make it acceptable to others' belief systems. It’s a gift. At one of his early first speeches when he just started out, he faced fifteen minutes of catcalls on the stage before he was able to speak. he said, "You all think I am mentally ill, don't you?" When most of the audience yelled in agreement, he then replied, "What does that say about you? You just paid money so you could come ridicule a person you think is mentally ill."  The audience shut up.  People who laughed at him on the Wogan Show have since written e-mails. They say they laughed, but that they are not laughing any more. We are watching unfold what he said would happen. If David had chickened out of saying something for fear that people would laugh, it wouldn’t have been said, and we would not now be saying ‘What that bloke said is happening’. It seems they don’t know what to think of or do with David, except hope that he doesn’t get too many people thinking for themselves. Because thinking for yourself may cause a sudden outbreak of independence. You may even be a dangerous radical to those in power.  On the 25th November 2011 The Sun published this article about David titled ‘Get On Yer Bike, David Icke’ -
Then the Daily Mail published this article on 28th November 2011: The Sunday Telegraph published this on 4th December 2011 -,  They are giving David attention because he has just been in Zagreb, Croatia, where he went down really well. It starts off with some Messianic nonsense, and has the cheek to say he mocked himself’ for his appearance on the Wogan Show. They described his eyes wrong, they aren't blue, they are silver grey. The so-called powers must be panicking now, because David said “Are all those people – especially when the talk is simultaneously translated through earphones – going to sit there all that time to listen to a nutter? Of course not”.  Hence again they attempt to focus on the money people pay to hear David hang ‘on his every word’, on the iphone app you can download, the T shirts, the DVDs you can buy and the 140,000 book copies worth over £2million.  If David were making all that profit for himself he wouldn’t be living in a small flat working every hour of the day that he doesn’t give him the time to do anything with the money. He doesn't even want to live anywhere else than where he does now - the Isle of Wight.  His desires don't aspire beyond a simple lifestyle and if they did and he was filthy rich he would have re-located. Even though he has had good times in his experiences in 52 countries on speaking tours, he still prefers to stay on the Isle of Wight because it is home to him, and he has felt the same since being on holiday there in the 1950s as a small boy from Leicester. The media are only turning their attention on him once again because he is reaching a critical breakthrough level with the masses. Their standard attack back in the early 1990's was sex, money and mental frailty. The tide is turning. They wheel a psychologist in to try and explain this consciousness shift.  Dr Karen Douglas, a psychologist from the University of Kent who specialises in conspiracy theories, said that in an increasingly uncertain world, finding the comfort of an explanation becomes ever more important. “  No it bloody doesn’t, people don’t need ‘psychology’ as they are seeing for themselves things as they really are. The Telegraph said that David describes the press as disrespectful, ignorant and stunningly ill-informed about the forces behind world events.  Er, are you surprised?  He’s right.  These articles show it. Another one of many comments in his favour: “ There's one thing that's for sure is that the world is run by a dysfunctional power structure. Mr. Icke is helping to wake more people up by the day. Every day is a revelation and we are all better for it. Aren't you all sick of war, banking scams, mind control, and just basically being treated like sheep???? I know I am. Thank You, David Icke~! Keep Going~~~!!!! “  He will. And now to clear up a lot of drivel  that’s been written about him. He isn’t several fish short of a supper or a conman or channelling demons. These are corrections of the top ten myths about him:

1. David never claimed he was the ‘Son of God’
He clearly said he was not saying he was Jesus or the second coming of Christ; he said he was a son of the Godhead. He meant an evolved being. He said once you reach a certain frequency due to evolution you become a creator-being. The Godhead creates beings, those beings evolve to the point where they can create. He said the Christ consciousness was an energy. Nowadays David no longer believes that Jesus existed as a historical person. This being called the Godhead is known in Bible-speak as the sons or daughters of ‘God’. He said Jesus was one of them and there were many others and that he was one of them also. He said the term was just a  a way of trying to explain something that happens in the higher dimensions. He said we are all sons and daughters of creation having links with the Godhead, but some are created directly by this being and some are created by the beings that this God created. He said that Jesus was not a Saviour that takes away the sin of the world and pointed out the ‘many mansions in my Father’s house’ means a sequence of frequencies (dimensions, vibratory realms). David said not to take the Bible literally. They took what David said and misrepresented his words, like ‘hearing voices from God’. The religious-minded ones could only see a literal Jesus as the true one and only ‘son of God’ the only one with the key to life and death only ‘because it‘s what the Bible teaches’. Then Wogan took the ridicule route and within minutes on his show, the audience were laughing all throughout. Because of David's own confusion in that period, because it was all happening to him, people were saying he said he was Jesus. If anyone reads his books they’d know he says the opposite to that. After being goaded into making some kind of admittance, what David was trying to get across in his confusion – he would use very different expressions now – is that we are all aspects of the whole, the one infinite consciousness. In order words, if ‘God’ is just another term taken to describe that one consciousness then if you want to use that term we are all sons and daughters of ‘God’.

2. David did not claim the world would end in 1997
David talked about earth upheavals in his book The Truth Vibrations but claimed we could have utopia on this planet if we brought love and balance to it, not that the world was 'going to end'. A psychic had channelled spirit messages predicting some earthquakes and hurricanes and so on, which we have seen come to pass. David did say however that geological changes have also happened in the distant past as the earth moves from one frequency to another where you need a different make-up of rocks and energy system, and is part of a natural cycle. He pointed out that these may have brought an end to certain civilisations but they never bring the end of the world. The psychic was a well respected medium and healer. Because of David’s book The Truth Vibrations the media twisted this into claiming David said spirit forces chose him to ‘lead a campaign to save the world’. David was talking along the lines of the abuse we are doing to the planet and the potential destruction it could cause if we carry on this way. Every time we drill for oil,  we are inflicting pain on the physical body of the earth like you would be in pain if you had someone drilling holes into you. He said the lack of Christ consciousness energy – that means love – on the planet, he said, made it in danger of being no more. He said that every time we think, we create energy, like positive thoughts of love and caring create positive energy and thoughts of hatred and aggression and fear create negativity. He talked about a force of negativity over the last 12,000 years that’s been stimulated by human thought. Planets and all living creations need to find a balance of negative and positive polarities; an extreme imbalance means no earth, so volcanoes and earthquakes release negative energy that’s built up within the planet and repolarises it. Otherwise the spirit of the earth that animates this planet would have left this planet a long time ago. David said publicly the earth was a living entity that we could communicate with and could communicate with us, and people  dubbed him howling mad. The ridicule was just crazy after that; it reached extraordinary levels. They papers didn't mention his second interview with Wogan where David got the upper hand and Wogan admitted he was in the past a bit rough on him.

3. David isn’t a nutter
He hasn’t lost it, he’s not losing it now because of what he says about the moon, and he's not a loony; he's far, far from it. He’s sane in an insane world. 
When David was a television presenter through 1989 to 1991 he felt a presence around him when alone in a room. It bugged him for a while and he went to see a psychic. She was quite a well known and respected healer. He didn’t volunteer the information to her about the presence in the room but told her he’d come about his arthritis. She told him he’d go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets, and that there was a shadow on the world which “had to be lifted”. He was told he would meet with a lot of resistance and attacks but they would always be there to protect him. The meeting with this lady resulted in David feeling drawn to Peru and taking a trip there. He went to a mound near Lake Titicaca which is a sacred site on a leyline that connects to the earth’s energy grid, and basically had a Kundalini experience, which can be triggered in different ways in different people, one of which is through Yogic practice. It’s happening to more and more people. In Yogic literature Kundalini is said to be energy coiled up like a serpent at the base chakra. When activated this energy enters the spine and rises, being raised up from the base of the spine through all seven chakras and out through the top of the head. This smack to the head can open up clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing abilities and psychic powers. Concepts and insights flood into you, it puts the person in a heightened state of consciousness, but having Kundalini energy hit you too quickly without understanding it can be freaky and traumatic and leave you ungrounded. You cannot process that kind of energy in a matter of a few days. It is overwhelming and confusing. You see through the same eyes and hear through the same ears but what you are seeing and hearing is dramatically different. This set off the Turquoise phase, but he is very much more grounded now. He had come back to Britain and went straight on to the Wogan Show in that infamous live television interview in that state of confusion, at the most extreme time of a transformation, not knowing what happened or what was going on inside himself or even what planet he was on, other than that he saw the world in a different way, the rest of the world not ready for lateral thinkers saw him as abnormal. The reason why people are seen as strange in a Kundalini activation is because they have been catapulted suddenly into a situation in which they are functioning in more than this one reality. Their perception of frequencies has been broadened. People are institutionalised as subnormal by their ‘normal’ peers, sectioned for opening Kundalini; 25-30% of all institutionalised schizophrenics belong to this category. Mainstream media doesn’t deal in things like Kundalini awakenings, only in ‘he’s a crackpot’.

4. David did not marry Linda Atherton in 1974
He married Linda in 1971. On the 9th September to be precise. Can’t the papers even get their facts right?!  Far from debauching around, his first wife of 29 years, Linda, has published his books for nearly two decades and supports him in his work.

5. America is not 'falling at his feet'
David did not walk off stage with the crowd on their feet. David does not want to be hailed as a hero.  He doesn't do heroes, but if he had any it'd be anyone who stands up for what they believe is right irrespective of the consequences. People who know him say he is actually quite shy when off stage and likes his own privacy and solitude, not the limelight. The world is waking up, not worshipping a guru. They are looking at information and it's about our freedoms. Growing numbers of intelligent Americans are seeing a police state is in their faces, what David has been saying for more than two decades is now daily and more and more blatant.  No-one could be so blind other than those who are desperate to only hear what they want to hear. Many of them simply came to the same conclusions as he before they read his stuff - that something is wrong. And these people are not just in America either. They are in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, South Africa, South America .... it has been happening all over.  They know the world is not how we have been told by politicians or been shown in the media. They feel uneasy about the world and can’t put their finger on it. Can the papers put their finger on it? Er, a quote from the Daily Mail: “Indeed much of this has been founded on a suspicion of people in power. In a recent poll, only a quarter of U.S. adults said they trust their government.” Er, they’re panicking. Every single one of the ‘best rated’ responses to the Daily Mail’s article completely slams the Mail and supports David. The hit pieces don’t work anymore. The establishment media has lost all credibility – and articles like this will only see them lose more. One of many typical comments said: “Shameful journalistic trashy disinformation! Just try reading Icke, just a little first, looks like he's getting warm eh!” A reader of the Sun’s article said: “Dear Sun please research better before trying to ridicule an individual you only make yourself look stupid!! Thank you David and keep up the good work, the majority back you up my friend, the media voice is weakening and their lies are being seen through. Interesting times we are living in the veil is dropping and tools of manipulation.” In every one of David’s talks he says that all he is doing is offering information about which people can make up their own minds and is not telling people what to think - which is a damn sight more honest than nearly every other media outlet. And people WILL make up their own minds about it as they do about everything else in life, and use their own bull-shit detector when reading the Murdock controlled papers which spoon feed us more garbage than any much more relevant book by David, who is not here to make friends or fans, he’s here to make waves, and he will get on with it.

6. David is not in it for the money
If he was he wouldn’t have quit BBC. He was on good money being a journalist and anchorman for them. He could have stayed and lived a life of luxury. Being a sports presenter and a spokesman for the Green Party are more lucrative jobs than what he does now. He has to eat, pay website running costs and travel and venue hire expenses for events. We all have to make a living, and we all have a right to do work that we love. David does not make his living supporting a system of enslavement and corruption. That’s why he left the BBC. His newsletters cost a modest payment of 3 pounds a month for a Premier Subscription with plenty of content. He continues working in the face of crippling financial and emotional onslaught. David has lost more money than he has made thanks to an attempt by a few people to part him from most of what he has earned from his books. Neither of those people contributed a single thought or word to the researching, writing or producing of the books. Let’s set the record straight. There were two people in his life who told him how much they loved and supported him and how vital it was for humanity that his work succeeded, and they turned out to be the very two people who caused him the most stress and were most destructive to his health, work and finances. It was to ultimately destroy what he is doing and probably gain financially. He has ended up in court with both of them, one a few years ago and the other now. The first one stole a huge amount of money accumulated over many years by hiding the full extent of David’s book sales and stealing the income from the sales not accounted for. He also covertly put the rights to David’s books in North America in his own name. That meant David went three years without earning a penny from any of his books and DVDs worldwide due to the horrendous cost of taking that person to the US Federal Court to win back rights to his own books! Talks at venues he had booked to go on got pulled. And he still kept going. He has had to allow adverts on his website no doubt to help bring in a bit of revenue as you will see, and I don’t recall them always being there. And the donations he relies on are for costs to help a legal fight for ownership of 16 books and keep his head above water facing another horrendous court case from what the second person is now demanding. If the second one succeeds it means that the two of them will have taken the vast, vast lion’s share of what David should have earned in the last eleven years from his books, DVDs and talks. But he’s to be left with a fraction of the fruits of his efforts. To this second one he may be paying a substantial monthly income until he is closing in on 70, meaning he will be working to keep this person for pretty much the rest of his life. I don’t see him laughing all the way to the bank. The sting in the tail is that that second person (aided and abetted by others) appears to be all love and light, a purveyor of peace and kindness, and that that individual would stab him in the back and seek to sell mendacious stories about David to attempt to bring him down. Who? David’s quote: “it’s a good job dolphins don't have bank accounts or they would be hiring a lawyer”. These people said they loved him. There are a lot of phoney new agers and love and lighters, frauds and fakes that pretend to be something they’re not, that talk about it and do the opposite. A lot of people in this world don’t even have souls, and usually dark forces use people close to you to ruin you. Richard Warman wasn't close to him though and in 2002 a libel action from him was taken out against David, usual reasons, been going on since 2002. His Canadian lawyer estimates that the preparation and trial will probably cost between $175,000-$200,000. The situation he is facing now means that if this comes to fruition he will not be able to fund that trial and that will be the end of it because he will lose by default. He’s hanging in there, he doesn’t know any other way. He can but trust that that which has guided him through the maze up until now makes sure the worst of this does not come to pass. If it does his work is in serious trouble. What happens to the one happens to all of us. Send donations.  This is not something he will walk away from. This is a mission much, much bigger than what happens on an individual level that people should know better than to interfere with. The Mail and the Sun’s financial claims about David’s ‘booming book business and world tour' are horribly wrong. It’s rubbish, it’s so much rubbish. The British media is myopic. It cannot give David any validity. If they say his ‘theories’ have been turned into a huge money-spinner around the globe, he is not getting much money out of it, it is going to other people.  He who put pen to that in The Daily Mail gutlessly didn’t put his or her name to it. What about the money he is getting paid? Is it not shameful for the Daily Mail to ‘cash in’ on the release of information by selling newspapers with their ramblings about their own outrageous conspiracy theories? There’s a shed load of money in that. The only input needed is the brevity of two pages and next to no research. But God forbid David should get some money back from his doorstep sized books and ticket sales for speeches that last a whole day. His events at the Brixton Academy in London sell for half the price you pay to see rock stars for a quarter of the length of time you get with David. David does not walk off the stage with his wallet bulging, he walks off the stage with his shirt soaked in sweat. I’m just glad it brings David joy to do what he does. He would not wish to be anybody else anywhere else doing anything else at this time. Continuing to speak his truth when most would have run and hidden is his single greatest achievement and he isn’t in it for fame, he hates the trait of self-obsession in others. His love is his work, done as a priviledge, a passion,  he lives alone, and as soon as he gets up in the morning he's at it all day, every day, he doesn't jet off to the Bahamas or bugger off for a day; but Obama takes a 1$ million-plus 7 day Hawaiian vacation as America falls apart around him in a mire of downturn and tent cities, and Michelle spends over $10 million on vacations in a year alone, all on the tax payer, with your lunch money, allowance, retirement, and about 35 years of pay cheques and your inheritance, and the military that bomb cities take universes way more money. David has done radio interviews when he has felt lousy. When David flew to Los Angeles people expressed concern about being in California, the fall-out coming over from Fukushima, and a possible forthcoming earthquake. Rather than bottle out he said: “What?? Not go? What are you talking about? Watch me!”

7. David does not live in a mansion
One of the millionaire stories about David centres on a famous photo that gave birth to the urban myth of the David Icke Mansion. David doesn’t live in the whole building and the building doesn’t belong to him. The building is divided into eight flats and David lives in just one of them. He occupies a small one-bedroom and lives alone, and has his little office in there where he does his writing. It is the one with the slightly open window on the right hand side in the picture. 

8. David is not anti-Semitic
David has had to put up with accusations of anti-Semitism and has had custard pies thrown at him. Anti-Jewish defamation groups have claimed that when he also talks about lizards he is really talking about the Jews. He isn’t. The people he is naming are not agents of Jewish people, they are agents of a rotten elite secret society run by the House of Rothschild, who couldn’t give a damn about Jewish people - they’ve been hurting them for centuries. But what do most people say when asked what Zionism is? ‘It’s the Jews'. It’s got nothing to do with Jews. The Rothschild networks have put that impression out brilliantly in the public mind and sold it as 'common knowledge'. It’s an idea run by the House of Rothschild so they can wheel out the Southern Property Law Centre, and all these legal bodies, to use that perception to target anyone who is exposing the SECRET SOCIETY that is Rothschild Zionism. The public expression of it is a political ideology based on the belief that Jews are God’s ‘chosen race’ and their homeland is Palestine with Israel their 'promised land', which is historical nonsense. Zionism is a subject that all but a few are either too ignorant or too frightened to tackle and expose, because the 'Zionism-means-all-Jewish-people' lie is there as a guilt weapon to call anyone who exposes the truth about Rothschild Zionism and its agents in government, mainstream media, Hollywood, the movie industry, governments, banking, business, media, Biotech, military – to brand them as ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘racists’. And so it has most researchers scared to even go there, except David of course, despite having enough information to know that they should mention its name and just spit it out and say that name... Rothschild Zionism. Say it, c’mon, say it! Er... rr Roth... Rothschild... zz... Zion- ism?! Zionism! Eek, did you just say the Z word? Jews do organise protests and do agree with boycotting Israel if they know about the Rothschild Zionist agenda for the Palestinians and how wrong it is. How many people know that? How many people know that many Jews abhor the demands the Rothschild Zionists are making for a US attack on Iran? How many people know about the amicable meetings they’re having with Ahmedinejad, the President of Iran, supporting him? Nobody know that? Nobody's likely to know that if they only get their 'news' from Rothschild-Zionist-controlled papers. Because the Z word is that bad word that means all Jewish people, that’s right isn’t it? No. A Jewish musician and writer called Gilad Atzmon doesn’t think so. In fact he so doesn’t think so he wrote an article headed “How Israeli Leaders Kill For Their People’s Votes”. Jewish people make up only 1.7% of the American population and many of those are not Rothschild Zionists. In fact when you say 'Rothschild', it doesn’t just mean those called 'Rothschild', nor even all of the people who are known by that name. There are many in the Rothschild family and its offshoots who have no idea what the hierarchy is doing and there are many 'Rothschilds' who don't carry the name itself. It’s a bloodline. The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a Rothschild Zionist. The Rothschilds have organisations like B'nai B'rith. Your Anti Defamation League is an offshoot of it. It works with other organisations run by the Rothschild line like the one called No Labels, masquerading as something moderate and sensible, and their job is to attack and undermine people like David who see the obvious and put it on public display. Those who are not challenged in the testicle department come out and just say the name. Say my name, bitch!

9. David is not a Freemason or Illuminati
He does not do funny handshakes or make Illuminati signs with his hands. His hands are not making signals, they are crumpled up, and it’s caused by severe rheumatoid arthritis which started in his teens and cut short his career as a footballer. He cannot shake hands properly and tries to stop people gripping his hand too hard and types with a two fingers ‘cos it’s painful. He has subluxation in several joints which impairs hand function so you can’t perform certain kinds of grip. The 'plate grip' is often the only grip that works. Anyone who knows David will tell you how he jokes about it but never complains about the constant pain he lives in.
Here is a report from Dr Mark Pugh the consultant rheumatologist who rates the arthritis as on the severe end of the scale: The condition is in his hip and knees too and I saw this was apparent when a group of us met him in Avebury in 2009. We helped him as we were walking up the mounds. And he’s still standing. He braves pain and discomfort writing and travelling the world without going under, because knowing it is right keeps him going. There was a photo of David that had been posted on the internet saying ‘David Icke is a Freemason’ and it was a hoax that was faked. If David was a secretly manipulating Freemason he’d pose for a picture on the website of a Freemasonic Lodge with his name underneath wouldn’t he? The website was, a site that appears to have been taken down, it says on it that it was ‘attacked’. And the photo disappeared. Maybe David threatened to roll his trouser leg up and show them his breast and they ran off. David is not in the Skull and Bones or the Jesuits or Opus Dei or the Bilderberg Group or Council on Foreign Relations, or anything he's spent a third of his life exposing. A mason would not discuss secrets about their brotherhood. David would not be the whistle blower that he is if he were a Mason. He is not with the New World Order or United Nations or the theosophical beliefs behind Alice Bailey. Ok then he's a gatekeeper for an anti-Christ one-world government, that why he devotes so much time alerting us to what’s happening to children with the mass theft by social services snatching children from mothers who have done nothing wrong? Yeah?
That why he supports parents who fall prey to false accusations at the hands of corrupt judges lawyers and social workers? That why he went to Portsmouth Magistrates Court to support Cheryl Stannard? Did you know there were chaotic scenes when the 'son of God' turned up at Portsmouth Magistrates Court, to support a woman in the dock - Cheryl Stannard? That why he's warning about the global police state urging you to avoid harmful vaccinations drugs and chemicals in toxic foods, and caring enough that we don’t get microchipped, to be controlled opposition for the New World Order? They make laws to ban alternative medicines. That’s a police state. A 13 year old in Albuquerque was handcuffed and arrested for burping in class. That’s a police state.  David’s solution has NEVER been to wage war but to resist the infrastructure by taking non-compliant action - peacefully with love - to roll this back before it’s too late, to walk away from it, but not to sit around while someone builds our prison cell.  It's face it now and bring an end to it. That’s not the agenda of someone in league with the United Nations.  I think not.  There’s no connection between David and Alice Bailey because of what he said in earlier books, like Love Changes Everything and The Truth Vibrations or because he wore turquoise or purple. Since he began this journey his views have altered somewhat.  He may have been a sympathiser with new age beliefs earlier in life, but now finds them wanting.  He addresses these ascended master cults as illusory traps in his later books. He said in The Biggest Secret: “Two organisations spawned by Alice Bailey’s work, The Lucis Trust and The World Goodwill Organisation, are both staunch promoters of the United Nations”. He warns about this very thing.  He's great friends with Stewart Swerdlow who has warned about this. Alice Bailey founded the Arcane Esoteric School. Because David had spirit guides and because Bailey channelled an entity called The Tibetan and because someone believes in the Solar Logos and that planets and stars are conscious beings and because Alice Bailey also said this, doesn’t make him an agent of the New World Order. David had said the sun is far more than a massive ball of fire generating warmth and that it is another substation for Source energies and that the ancients knew this. So what? They did. It was in the secret mystery schools. These beliefs are age old Hermetic and Egyptian wisdom. That it is one explanation for the origin of Sun god and sun worship happens to be true. The sun comes up every day (‘Horus’ = Horizon) and saves us from the dark and cold and winter death and night (‘Set’). Just because David writes a capital letter on the words ‘Source’ and ‘Galactic Mind’ doesn’t mean he has to be following the work of Alice Bailey and the United Nations. Just because he uses words like ‘vibrational’, doesn’t mean he’s into a Sun cult or is a member of the Lucis Trust.

10. David doesn’t have the elite’s blessing to stay alive
People have asked time and time again why hasn’t David been bumped off, why hasn’t he been taken out. David said this: “And I say now: no one can take me out, no one can stop me, unless I decode it into my experience, and I ain't gonna do it, so... end of story!” He explained this in this way: he had come across a number of whistleblowers who’ve constantly told people they don’t know how long they were going to be able to do this before they were taken out. He said they were creating that for themselves by falling into that information construct level that says “I can be taken out, I'm allowing that into my possibility; I probably will be taken out, I don't know how long I can keep going now before they take me out”. The reality we live in is a holograph, a vibrational construct of information, wave-forms and possibilities. We are decoding it in our heads. The collective base reality we see as the world which we are interacting with has a point where it ends somewhere. We all look out the window and see the same blue car going past but not all of us will agree on what we think of the car and what we experience is dictated by what we decode. If we expand our state of awareness to access higher levels of knowledge and energy within this construct and we do not fall into the trap of decoding the belief that we can be taken out and stopped, we can't be taken out and stopped. If at that deep level where this reality is constructed you don’t allow that possibility into your sense of reality, they can get as many guns as they want – they’ll never take you out. If they can’t enter your reality they can’t influence it. The belief you can be taken out creates by you the possibility of it in your metaphysical world - and someone goes bang bang, goodnight. On top of that, you've got other forces at work, who are also ensuring that that outcome does not happen. The Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa is a great friend of David. He threw the bones for him (it's like Tarot cards or Runes). He said: “David, there is a contract on your life”. He told David they want to kill him... but they can’t! The lady psychic two decades ago said that he is being protected. We have spirit guides. I met a lady when I saw David at the speech in Hull, England, in July 2008, who told me her clairvoyant friend had seen David live on a stage before, and saw two very high beings standing by the side of him. It is part of his life’s plan to carry on with his work and he will only leave this world when his time has come. The psychic who David saw was Betty Shine and in the channelled message he was told there was a shadow to be lifted, secrets to be revealed, he was right for the job because of his skills in articulating and that he was really going to shovel some shit. He was guided. In January 2001 David wrote “Don’t be surprised if the US finds itself in another manipulated war during this administration. You will see monsters being created in the public mind to justify such action” and ‘before 2002 the US will suffer a major attack on a large city” In 1998 he predicted “There will be a plan to start a third world war by stimulating the Muslim world into a holy war against the west”. These predictions look like prophecy. On the other hand the beauty of the plan for him is the mass ridicule from the Wogan Show served as a buffer of protection as he was made into a joke and written him off as finished for all this crucial time in which he could done so much. If anything happens to him his books will hit best seller list and he will be far more famous than he is today. If they strike him down he will damage them from the other side. So they strike at him financially. I see those court cases as a mute attack from dark forces, and dark forces usually do use people closest to you to cripple you.

What David’s doing is for life, and priceless. He doesn’t chuck in the towel when the going gets ropey and then some. That man has kept going whatever scale of opposition looking to divert and destroy him, no matter what ridicule, dismissal, abuse, and abuse on websites and forums because his success in communicating suppressed information means he must be one of 'them'. Those ones who can see horrors and the suffering that’s going on in the world and ARE aware it’s only there because it’s manipulated to be, yet whose only contribution is abusing and undermining those others who are trying to do something about it… why are they being so nutty? Because they haven’t got the guts. You can be an ass when there’s no-one there to look in the eye. They go on forums at night and attack and undermine people, so many people, who’ve given their lives to this. Bring on the abuse! It’s a statement about the abusers that beggars description, not about David. Perhaps one day they will look in the mirror and see their souls, and say Oh my God! What’s a bloke to do to convince you he is trying to make the world a more pleasant place? Maybe write books for free, starve, and watch what he does with his hands, perhaps stick them in concrete or better, not have hands. And do not connect Jesus with fish symbols or you might betray yourself as a Blavatsky doctrine thumper who wants to be done with Jesus in the new age; you should wear only one grey shirt and not change it, as wearing colours might give away your Luciferian theosophical beliefs in the Seven Rays. You should live in a cabbage heap and eat dung, and then get shot in the head by a police deputy officer outside your home. David would say “Oh, puh-leeeeze..."